Behind the Art with Felecia

Have you ever done a project that you loved...but not really so much?  This is one of those projects...

I love it. I love the color, the layout, the message...but I don't. 

It doesn't feel like my work - and yet it does. 

does that make sense?

Maybe like an outfit that you adore, that feels like your own skin, that is just your best go-to outfit...but its not that flattering. I'm thinking about my hot pink sweats...HAHA!

Its authentic to be authentic about a project but its not really your favorite, right? Well, that's what I'm going with anyway. 

This shot...honestly, I'm in my pjs. I have no idea what I was trying to accomplish. Its a good picture. But not. it shows all the glorious imperfections of my real, pj-wearing, messy hair, smudged makeup self...the one that sits in front of a movie on Friday nights and decompresses. 

I'm no Kim Kardashian when it comes to taking selfies. Selfies are an art form of their own, I think. Its not my art form. 

And the whole idea of selfie's seems to me to be a "here I am" exercise rather than a "who are you?" exercise. I prefer the latter. I want to engage in conversation and debate and transfer ideas. Frankly, you are just much much much more interesting to me than I am. I want to hear you...hear your point of view. 

I suppose in that way, selfies of OTHER people are good for me. but in a way they are NOT that good for me, because I want to know the REAL you...not the perfect you in that selfie that you spent hours trying to get just right. 

While exploring AUTHENTIC, this whole selfie thing was part of my exploration. Are our selfies authentic? and when they are, do we risk criticism and ridicule? Its an interesting phenomenon to think about. What are we trying to accomplish when we take a selfie?

These wonderful little cameras? I ADORE them. They are the cutest little things! and in terms of "selfie" they are a perfect embellishment. 

And truely the the picture does make me smile - for an abundance of reasons. 

I'm quite interested in how you think about selfies. or even IF you think about them? Some people never take them. Some people live for them? Do you think that selfies contribute or detract from our authenticity? I know I'm likely to take them over and over until I get something I think is flattering...how about you?

I'm also interested in the idea that we put our emotions and ideas out there into projects that maybe are not our favorite things... What do you think? 

Peace, ya'll


Behind the Art with Jen

Becoming... it's amazing that as a get older, I like who I am more and more.  Even though I don't like the idea of aging, I have had so many experiences in my 40 years that I feel like I am much more confident in my skin and abilities!
This page is about liking who I have grown into at 40 years old!  I have done a lot this year already and it seems that this is my best year.  When I was younger, I didn't appreciate what I was or understand the importance of just being me.

 This page used all of the ends of the papers where the extra strip is. I cut them all off and trimmed the edges like a ribbon and crinkled them for texture. 
 Some Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos in warm colors with some pen scribbles around it!  Fun background!
 This was such a fun page to do and I love how you can use what is leftover as a finished page!

What have you learned over the years that makes you stronger than you were yesterday?


Behind the Art with Stacey

I am here this week to share my second page using the Authentic kit!  I love the term, authentic.  It is a key word found in so many self-help books.  I have read many in my life trying to discover who I am.

I believe that in order for me to be most authentic, I need balance.  I need my family time to be my priority.  Yet, I also rely on alone time to center myself.  I have discovered over the years that there was a missing piece to my authentic self.  It involves friendships.  I realized that I can't be without my girlfriends.

Something about spending time with friends.  A different part of you comes out.  For me, I feel young and vibrant.  I love to be silly with my friends.  The laughter helps me achieve balance.  I went with that idea for this page.  I used the LOL symbols in two places to emphasize the fact that I have fun with these girls. 

I am lucky enough to have a couple of circle of friends.  Each circle offers a different experience.  One circle is over 30ears long, another spanning 20 years, and the latest only in place for one.  In that circle of friends, there are 8 of us.  I used the numbers symbolically to represent that.  I went with another word for authentic, focusing on the concept of true. 

I wrote my feelings down.  I need strong friendships to be me!  I make sure to spend time with friends and try not to feel guilty about it.  It makes me a better wife and mom in the long run.  Simply because it makes me a better me. 


Behind the Art with Felecia

Hi, everyone!  

When exploring the monthly words at Inside Out, I make an attempt to consider the antonyms as well as the synonyms. For authentic, that would be the word counterfeit...

This is actually a fear of mine - that I will be examined and found lacking in authenticity. 

I happened to have attended an event where I wore a little mask and had a great picture for a "counterfeit" layout that speaks of not hiding behind masks. 

For fun, I did a little tiny bit of experimenting with paint, creating a spot for the picture...and then drew some additional "masking" on the green dots. 

As with many of my pages, this is a very flat layout...its has visual details without actual dimension. By far, the most important detail on this layout for me is the journaling.

As I said last week, the colors in this kit are so beautiful and amazing to work with. Its been so much fun to dip into these products to explore AUTHENTIC. The supplies have really pushed me to explore in a different way!  LOVE that!


Behind the Art with Jen

Jen here with one of my December pages using the "Authentic" kit!  When I thought about the word "authentic", I had to think of this photo of me reflected in the window of a building from the early 1900's.  There is a historic collection of buildings in Hamilton, NY that I visit each year while at a scrapbooking crop at White Eagle Conference Center.  It's sad and gorgeous all at once.  The buildings have been moved here and they are arranged in a town-like setting.  It's like a piece of history that has been abandoned. Remnants of life is still present... curtains, wallpaper, kitchen items, toilets, carved initials and other items left in the buildings. It like when our bodies become older with all their cracks and chipped paint but with traces of our lives left behind.

 The word authentic means: true to one's personality, spirit, or character.   I think that is why I love old buildings ... they still have their character and personality even when restored they hold all the charm they held so many years ago (unless the restoration was more like a renovation).
 I used some watered down Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gelatos on a craft mat and pressed the woodgrain cardstock into the puddles for a background.    The pen was used on the mat too with water added and flicked on the page for droplets.
 I think we are a lot like buildings who age.. maybe we should look past the cracked paint and see the story of the life lived and character of the person within.  Judging something based on how we look is deceiving. I try to be as authentic as possible but it's strange to see changes in my looks as I age and each line tells a story in my journey of life. 
 What does your facade say about you?  What stories do hold within?


Behind the Art with Melissa

To me, being Authentic means you be your true self 100%. 

There is no one else quite like you.

You embrace the characteristics of your personality. Your mannerisms. Your opinions. Your faith. Your likes and dislikes. Your quirks.

We're all one of a kind. 

Back in my school days, I took issue with that. I didn't want to be one of a kind. I wanted to fit in. So, I adapted to other personality types. That included what I believed it. I experimented. I said I believed in certain things to fit in.

Now that I'm all grown up and have lived through those crazy years, I don't care about fitting in when it comes to my faith. 

For me, seeing the result of my life thus far, makes it easy to not apologize for what I believe in. I won't hold back. I won't keep silent.

I might lose friends. (Yeah... that hurts deep down...)
I might create debates.  (I actually enjoy those.)
I might be admired.

And I think, because I've reached this conclusion of not apologizing or trying to "fit in", it enhances my authenticity.

When it comes to the design aspect of this page, I really love layering and combining patterns. It doesn't always take on a symbolic role for me. And I don't think it has to. Sometimes I just like to play with colors that I like to create a pretty page. This page is one that I wanted to have fun with. There is almost a snarkiness to it as I declare "NO APOLOGIES". 

I included the transparency in my layering because I actually do like the symbolic nature it brings. Because I won't hide my beliefs... there is definitely a transparency there. 

I added the doilies from my own stash because I just love the femininity and softness they add. It was the perfect addition to help balance out this bold, somewhat sassy page.

Is there a piece of YOUR authentic self that you are not apologetic about? Grab a kit and express yourself on a visual journaling page! 


Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy December!  Can you believe we are here already?  Time seems to be zooming by these days!  The newest Inside Out kit is full of fun patterns and happy colors, all meant to help you discover your authentic self. 

For my first page of the month, I focused on what helps me stay most authentic, my family.

I got artsy, using the stencil to make my own "patterned paper."  I decided to scatter three hearts to the side.  Those three people truly hold my heart.  I decorated the inside with the yellow enamel shapes, making the top heart pop out with the tag and button.
I put the small yellow tag along the top as well and documented my family's name and the year.  I like to note the date on most pages.  I used the thicker side of the kit marker on the outside of the heart and the fine point to do the rest.

I love the sentiment tag alongside the photo.  It sums up my feelings.  I extended my cluster by placing a white frame along the right side and placing the 1=3 inside it.  Then I told my story.  There is an authentic love.  It began with Steve and has grown tremendously to include my kids. 
This page holds lots of meaning and heart!