Behind the Art with Felecia

Honestly…truly…I will admit I like sincere compliments. I own that this is something I like.

Perhaps it’s a weakness to need all this external affirmation, but I like to be told that my work is good, that I’m a good friend, that I look nice, that my make-up is pretty.

So, when the males in my life started calling me “beautiful gorgeous” I was overwhelmed with endorphins…

THEN…THEN…I found out that Beautiful Gorgeous is a super villain from the show Jimmy Neutron, which my family had recently discovered on Netflix.

Instant deflation…HAHA!!!

I would like to tell you that I thought deeply and made internal changes so that I don’t need all that positive reinforcement…but – well…I didn’t!

I still like my compliments.

However, I did reflect upon my life as the only girl among a house of males. I tried to put myself inside their minds and see the world the way that they do.  Let me tell you, imagining life from their perspective isn’t easy for me!  But to really think about it made me smile.

The beautiful background paper from We R Memory Keepers Inked Rose collection was already a fantastic background. Its kind of like my life with these males– pretty in a messy, spattered, chaotic way. I really love how this paper works for layouts…Its fantastic!

There is huge love on this page…plus I love the way they see me – so I used the heart pieces form the kit along with my own punched hearts and some cut outs.

I have no illusions about what I REALLY look like (or them for that matter) so I used some pictures that were less than perfect – an early morning shot of them and a post-pool shot of me…just to keep it all real.

And seriously, to be seen the way they see me…as Beautiful Gorgeous…a hawt supervillain from a cartoon about really smart nerds and genuine friendships - its perfectly dead-center.

It’s a fantastic compliment!

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Jen

Hi artsy friends!  Jen here to share a favorite page of mine from this kit!  When I found out the focus of this kit was the word "Perspective", I immediately thought of looking up.  I had taken this photo of me in front of Dale Chihuly's permanent art exhibit at the Bellagio hotel in Las Vegas.  There is a ceiling of glass Macchia forms that is breathtaking!  As an art teacher and artist who admires and loves Chihuly's work, I was in awe!

So the photos were the inspiration for this page and I knew that I wanted color but didn't want to compete with the colors of the photos.  I picked some of the papers that had bright fun colors and used them in small doses.  The watercolor circle paper from Crate Paper was perfect!  I only used small strips of it so as to not compete.  Then I used the vellum paper  as a background.  
 But I started by using the stencil in a unique way. I loved the shapes in the camera stencil but didn't want to use the whole stencil. I just used a Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft PITT Artist pen to trace some of the shapes in a random way around the paper. I kept it sketchy and created a modern looking pattern.  The vellum pieces really soften the lines but still allow them to show through.

 I love that vellum balloon embellishment!  So awesome!  Perfect for this page!  I loved the cork look of these Thickers too! 

 Could it be that the glass ceiling is representative of looking up at an symbolic glass ceiling?   Hmmm...  But the dots of Distress paint are another fun pop of color.
 Enjoy the little things for sure!  I loved this little tag and used it here.  I also added the paper to the metal embellishment.  So fun!
 This page was just super fun to make!  I was inspired by the photos but all the elements from this kit made it fun to create!


Behind the Art with Rachel

Hey all, happy Tuesday! I'm so glad to be back here with you today to share another 'Behind the Art' post straight from my brain and heart to your computer screen.

Those of you who attended our first live real-time workshop last Sunday have seen this layout.  I wanted to take this opportunity to go deep and share some of the story behind the art.

This may be one of my favorite layouts ever. Here's the prompt:

Frame of Reference: How do you measure whether something is good or bad news? Have you had the experience of something good occurring after something difficult which changed your perspective on the relative importance of the bad, or good thing? What knowledge have you gained during your life that has dramatically shifted your frame of reference for what you can handle or tolerate…what is acceptable to you?

I've done a lot of art about the loss of my sweet first love - my dog, Bart. He lived a wonderful 16.5 years, but it certainly wasn't long enough for me. He was a darling presence in my life for a very long time. 

The photo of us above in the layout is a perfect representation of the love we shared. It truly was a touchstone of my life.

The journaling below tells the story well, so I'll let you read it yourself. But I want to highlight the symbolism.

You'll see a ribbon element created in the middle, a badge of honor for my heart - awarding myself for the bravery to move forward in life even after a significant loss.

I used the triangle studs in two ways. One, leaning on the symbolism of triangle = change - the mathematical symbol, 'delta.' The second, as a directional sign, arrows from my old life to my new one.

The gold sticker labels, 'remember happiness' and 'create today' elucidate the bridge between the past and present. 

The cloud paper used as a background helps highlight the ethereal quality of loss and love. 

The takeaway for me?

The special relationship that Bart and I shared helped me, and helps today, to understand a pure and nurturing kind of love that I now share with my little boy. I am so blessed to have had a model for that kind of deep love. 

Without the loss of Bart, I don't know that I could truly appreciate the joy I feel today. It is heightened, enhanced and elevated because I am so keenly aware of how precious it is to love and be loved.

Stay tuned for a self-scraplift of this layout! I'm excited to share some tips about how the same prompt can be used for another page with a different focus. I'll be back on Friday with more.




Behind the Art with Stacey

This past June I had the pleasure of sitting at my niece's high school graduation!  I was there when she was born.  It was the most amazing experience to see life enter this world.  As I was walking to the graduation ceremony, which was held at my old high school, I heard the procession music.  I started to cry.  My kids looked at me like I was crazy, but I couldn't help it.  Where has time gone and how can she be that grown up?

It hit me that time is moving very quickly and I need to appreciate every moment.  Perspective happened right there on the sidewalk.  Cherish this time with family and friends because it is always moving forward.

I chose this photo because Alyssa is front and center, all smiles!  I paired it with some bold pink paper and that green shade that pops.  Quite like my niece.  I hand cut the Hello because I love how free it is.  She is enjoying her life and beginning a new phase...fun and free! 
I use the cute white clock from the kit placing it behind the chipboard camera.  Time flies so it is important to freeze the moments and enjoy them. 

I also love the circular date calendar!  I put the compass point in the middle.  I then put the pink triangle pin and faced it toward June.  I used other arrows in random directions to show the time keeps moving.  Knowing how fast it goes will hopefully give me the perspective I need to enjoy the present!


Dig Deep Friday: Point of View

It's Friday and you know what that means...it's challenge time!

Point of View/Slant: Do you have a unique or personal slant on things that impacts how you perceive the world and your life? How did you develop that specific point of view? Does it differ from your family’s or community’s? How do you manage when others suggest a different point of view? Are you open to changing yours? Are there some areas in life where you have never, and would never, change your POV?

I'd love to hear your take on these questions!


Behind the Art With Felecia

Hello, searchers, sojourners and story tellers!!!

Let’s explore some more of his Perspective kit!

Have you ever been in the midst of encouraging another and realized how really amazing your own situation is?

I fully discourage comparing oneself to others. I believe the saying that we tend to compare our behind-the-scenes to the hi-light reel of the lives of others.

BUT I found myself comparing the “what is” to the “what could be” in terms of how good things were for my seven year old son.

My boy, like most boys his age, is keenly aware of positive attention and fiercely competitive when it comes to games and sports. Put simply, he has a strong desire to be first, to win. We’ve been working a lot on graceful losing and being truly happy for others who do well.

Even as an adult, this can be hard to master. I find myself regularly talking through how to get a healthy perspective about losing or not being first or not meeting a goal, or whatever situation provides this opportunity.

In the midst of one of these conversations, I suddenly realized how critical a healthy perspective is on my own well-being…because I, too, tend to push hard, try harder, work hardest all for the sake of…well…winning, achieving, checking things off my list! (where did this boy of mine get this, after all!!?!?)

I think the journaling on this was really an internal dialog I was having with myself for some time before it reached paper. When we don’t “win” taking stock of how really blessed we are, having gratitude for where we are and who we are and the relationships in our lives that are precious puts all of it into the right order. 

I chose to fussy cut the butterflies and then give them dimension like they are taking flight of the page. When I get my heart in the right place, when I have the right perspective, I feel lighter, and beautiful, and like I could fly myself. It’s very simple imagery…but so effective to illustrate that we can live a life that is flat or one that isn’t and that our perspective dictates that.

For ME, this whole theme is further cemented by the picture I used…the photo is of an award ceremony where my sweet boy was given an award for being caring…now THAT is the sort of award I find worth in striving for!


Behind the Art with Jen

Hi artsy friends!  I have another of my layouts to share with you! This one was one of the easiest and fastest that I've made!  I 'm usually a slow scrapper so this was a surprise.  The pieces that took the longest were cutting out the butterflies from one of the papers.  Otherwise all the other papers and embellishments made it really easy to put this page together fast!

This layout started with my wondering what other people's perspective is when they see me. What do they see?  Sometimes I get wrapped up in worrying about how I'm coming across to others.  What other people think is beyond my control or is it?  Is how I speak, look and act within my control?  Should it be a real concern for me or just relax and let it go?  Can I do that?  All of these questions go through my mind at random times in the day.  I wonder if I should worry about it or just be what I am and hope others can accept that.  Getting wrapped up in these worries can sometimes make me freeze  when meeting new people.  Most of the time, I am confident and friendly but there are times when these thoughts override my confidence.

 The words around the photo of me is symbolic as in words that I wish others would be saying about me when I'm not listening.  Things that I sometimes tell myself and sometimes withhold from myself.  I get down on myself and how I look but also how I act.  I hope that I'm coming across as friendly or caring but there are times that I'm sure I'm perceived as stand-offish and bitchy.  I shouldn't care what others think but there are times I worry about it.

I need to just love myself and as I get older, I do worry less about other's opinions but I still do care about how I'm perceived.  It's hard to not get wrapped up in impressions.
I used the butterflies to symbolize how I feel when I first meet someone or am nervous about this... I get butterflies in my stomach!  I loved this background paper too!  It's so perfect for the colors and all the paint splatters.
Do you care what others say about you?  Does it worry you or do you have enough confidence to overcome judgment by others?