Behind the Art with Stacey

The idea of inner gifts got me thinking about what relationships in my life are connected to the gifts I possess.  Inner gifts form us and drive our decision making.  They lead us down the path in life.  When you enter into a relationship, you have to make sure your inner gifts are honored and cherished.

I remember when my husband and I first met.  I shared with him about how I need to stand in my truth.  Be who I am and know where my boundaries are.  He told me early on that I should always do that.  If at any time, that meant I needed more from our relationship or needed to move in a different direction, he would understand.  It made an impact on me and I knew he was someone I wanted to build a life with.

When I saw the word stencil in the kit, it instantly reminded me of Steve.  Those are the kinds of words he would use with me, the advice he would give.  It reminded me of standing in my truth.  He loves me for my inner gifts and remembers those when the not so good sides of me come to life.  

I put the journaling along the diagonals on the top border.  It reads, "Stand in my truth.  You love that about me-vowed to never pull me away from that.  You taught me all these things. I am so very happy."

I layered the journaling card and a picture of him.  I also placed the arrow stickers in between the lines.  He reads between the lines with me all the time.  How is he able to do that?  He knows my inner gifts.  It is a simple page, but I love it so much.


Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy November and welcome to a new month where we are exploring our inner gifts.  For each kit, I tend to explore feelings and thoughts about myself.  But each month I also consider my family and how they fit into the month's theme.  As a mom, I hope my kids develop, recognize and foster their unique inner gifts.  I know that life will be fulfilling if they do.

I love the Simple Stories paper with all these words.  I want my kids to feel each of these things on a regular basis.  I also love the Dr. Seuss card.  I knew they had to be big elements on this page.  I just started layering some of the elements I was drawn too and then put down the photo.  

By placing this journaling card over the paper, I lost a bit of the words.  I decided to trace over the loved and extend the writing over the journaling card.  I embellished the loved with a sticker heart and the silver arrow head.

I also wrote a note to my kids.  I hope they learn about what makes them special and they can identify their inner gifts.  I want them to hold onto those gifts, foster them and remember them when they make mistakes in life.  It is the remembering your gifts that helps you to admit your mistakes and move forward.


Behind the Art with Jen

Hi, Artsy friends!!  This page is all about inner gifts and the lack there of.  I never had the gift of athleticism.  I didn't enjoy sports or even working out as a teen or young adult.  Until I started running, I really didn't like sweating and pushing myself into that uncomfortable zone.   That's where this page came from... that belief in one's self that you can overcome previous negative attitudes.  You can change and grow and pull things out of yourself that  you never dreamed possible.

 I didn't think I could run weekly let along daily.  I know I can now that I have done it!  I dream big... having signed up for a 1/2 marathon in this coming spring, I believe I can do it mile by mile.  All it takes is hard work, dedication, motivation, and support.  I have all of that.  I will succeed because inside me I know I can!  Am I scared to death? YES!  I want to do well..  I want it to be easy.  It won't be, but I will succeed!
 My friends, family, and coaches believe I can do it... that helps me to believe I can too.  It is a journey and running with friends is way easier and more fun!  When I signed up for this 1/2 marathon, I did it because my running friends said I could do it and they would be there running along with me!  I am nervous and scared but training for this makes it more fun and less scary!
 For this page, I used the stick titles and cut off an "S" from Smile to create Mile.  The symbolism behind the arrows just made me think of moving forward step by step, mile by mile.

 What is a hidden gift that you didn't think was there but with the help of others, you discovered later?


Behind the Art with Stacey

When I considered my inner gifts, I thought about what those were.  More importantly, I considered where those gifts are shaped and formed.  What were the origins?  I realize that I was born wired a certain way.  But certain people in my life have influenced my inner gifts.

There is something about having strong friendships that fills me up.  It is different that the feelings I get being a wife and a mom.  It is more about feeling like a woman.  I can use my inner gifts within my friendships.  I can be a good listener and someone who is unconditional.

I explored the idea of how friendships can impact my inner gifts.  I went uber girlie on this page.  I loved the wooden star on the patterned paper and cut it so I could use it almost as a doilie. I placed the really feminine floral paper at the top since this page is about my girl friends.

I layered several meaningful embellishments like the floral and the Joy brad.  I also put my title on the frame, placing the URG8 tag underneath.  Friendships allow me to be me in a different way than I am in other roles.  I am lucky to have a few great groups of friends.

There is something about those long lasting friendship, where your girls love you no matter what.  They support you during your hard times, without judgement.  They wouldn't think of doing anything to hurt your feelings, especially when they know your secrets and fears.  Those friends bring out my best inner gifts.  I couldn't survive without that in my life.


Behind the Art with Jen

 Hi Artsy friends!!  I had so much fun with this kit!!!  Love this stencil in there that has some very powerful words of encouragement.  I decided to use it in the background with some Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Gesso applied through the stencil. 

 My husband always says I have a gift for mess.  I think it's more that I make lots of artwork and therefore make a creative art mess.  It's part of the process.  I tend to grab and go!  So, he nags me to clean it up and I use my gifts of making art.  The give me a break word bubble was perfect for this page!
 Through my art making, I discover new ways to use products.  My gift of creativity gives me lots of ways to discover things about myself and my life.  This page has lots of layers just like my creative insides.  Lots of layers to sort through in a visual way! 


Behind the Art with Stacey

I seriously can't believe it is already November.  The month of showing gratitude and being thankful has a great theme, Inner Gifts.  How do our inner gifts influence and shape our worlds?  It got me thinking about my inner gifts, those ones I am so grateful to possess.  One such gift involves my internal drive.  My desire to accomplish a goal has been a positive force in my life.

I decided to scrap about it and use some fun kit elements to enhance my thoughts.

I started with a photo of me.  Then I was immediately drawn to the journaling card of the car.  It helped to inspire this page.  Sometimes I just open the kit and look at all the papers and items, looking for direction.  I hand cut the girl and used it as a large title.  I also loved the triangular patterns on the Simple Stories paper and used a portion of that along the side.

The triangle on the left seemed to be pointing like an arrow so I went with that repetition.  I hand cut the overlapping triangles and placed them around the page.

I wrote about how my drive has helped me, why I consider it to be a gift.  I can imagine all the places my life could have ended up, if not for that motivation to plow ahead and create change.  I hope I can model that for my kids.  No matter where you are, you can take the wheel.


True Story Guest Artist Rachel Hawkins and TWO more Challenge...plus our next kit!

Before this incredibly quick month comes to a close (is ti just me?), I want to share the beautiful work of our guest contributing artist, Rachel Hawkins. Here's a little bit about her:

Rachel is a wife, mother, counselor, dance teacher, and lover of creativity. Being a counselor Rachel loves crafting as a way to connect stories and process emotions. Scrapbooking is not just a hobby for Rachel, but a therapeutic outlet as well.

And you've got to love her name too. :)

You can see more of her work on Instagram and on her blog.

Here are two of her takes on this month's theme, TRUE STORY.

Doesn't this kit make you a fan of pink? There's such a modern, feminine look with the gold, black and pink combined.

And make sure to come by our members group for TWO MORE layout/art journal page challenge for this month - perfect for creating this weekend. Click here and just ask to join!

Stay tuned for Sunday's full reveal of the November kit, INNER GIFTS.

Happy Halloween Weekend!