Behind the Art with Felecia

Hello!  Welcome to my first True Story project post!

Have I mentioned before that I'm not so much into pink? Wellllllll...this kit might be the one that pushes me into the liking and maybe even LOVING pink category.

I started by thinking about my own true story, my faith is a huge part of it. I often pray for big huge mountains to be moved...or for God to show me the way around them, through them, over them...whatever. But in my study and learning, I have found that sometimes I'm the big mountain...and I hope that my story includes those moments when I have enough courage to BE moved by God as appropriate.

For some people, I think this flexibility is quite easy. I cannot necessarily say the same. I'm quite dedicated to my way of doing things and thus I sometimes find myself stubbornly holding onto things I have outgrown, that are holding me back, that are causing me pain, or are just plain old not working.

I started with black cardstock and played with a couple of mists - Heidi Swapp Gold and a very old Studio Calico white, creating a little background.

I then used several layers of the My Minds Eye paper to frame my picture so that it had some dimension and movement.

Butterflies are a motif I often use when I'm documenting change, movement, or metamorphosis in my own life - those moments I can identify with certainty are "becoming" moments. So...I definitely wanted to use the gorgeous My Minds Eye butterfly paper.

I'm not entirely sure that I could say that a butterfly is "my" symbol, but I can most certainly say that I use this symbol in a lot of my projects about my own growth.

Ok, ok,  ok...I sort of wished there two sheets of this so I could use the words on the flip side for one project and the butterflies for another...BUT...I chose the butterflies...they just spoke so much to me! 

I played with the layout a bunch of ways, but in the end opted to fussy cut thebutterflies and the phrases out so I could make my own arrangement.

The end result is supposed to be me being moved by all these gossamer butterflies with encouraging words...

It feels right...

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Melissa and some news

Hello everyone and happy Tuesday,

I have a fun page to share with you all today. It's one that encapsulates how I embrace my inner-child today.  There was a time when I would have had some bad feelings when thinking about my childhood. Yes, I had fun but, it also was a time of my life when some not so good things happened to me. So, it has affected me.

Up until several years ago.

After going through an amazing time of healing, I can finally embrace the good parts of my inner child. I can be a freak and do silly things and have FUN! I can break rules and "learn through my play". I've also learned the "child like" doesn't have to equal immature. I think there is a certain amount of wisdom when it comes to tapping into your inner-child. Laughter and being willing to learn and grow takes maturity and wisdom.

And that's how I want to live my life. Carefree. Being ME and not worrying about what others think. Being a wild child. Getting dirty and walking barefoot in the grass. And, yes, even breaking the rules from time to time.

I did a fun design with this page to create lots of movement and texture. I wanted it to almost be overstimulating but, not quite. And, the photo of me was perfect to include because that was a super fun moment with my Aunt. Two grown women... breaking the rules! (We didn't really stand or lean over...)

I also have some news to share. 

If you didn't know already, I have been part of the Inside Out family since July 2010. It has been an amazing 5 years of growth, creativity, building beautiful relationships and empowering others to utilize the tools of the scrapbooking trade to better their lives. I have and will always be a HUGE supporter of this approach and I absolutely love the direction Inside Out is taking. It's truly exciting.

As with life, though, things can suddenly take a different turn than expected. While I thought this would be a place I'd never, ever leave, there have been some new roles in my personal life and I'm afraid I have to let some things go. It saddens and excites me all at the same time!

So, this is my last post here for Inside Out. Thank you Rachel for being an amazing boss! I have so loved learning from you and being inspired by you. It has been an honor to be your Lead Artist and Social Media gal. I'm so glad that stepping down from this role does NOT mean I'm leaving entirely. I'll still be around social media sharing my creations and finding out the latest and greatest in this crazy industry. I'll also remain in our members group because, again, I'm completely 100% supportive of this approach and I love to be part of it and encouraging others in their journey.

Signing out,


Behind the Art with Stacey

For my last page this month, I reflected on my inner child and how that relates to my marriage.  I truly believe that the most telling way you know you are in love is if your inner child feels safe.  I am thankful that I have had the chance to experience that.

I immediately fell hard for the Sigh card and thought it was perfect for the idea of love.  I used the tone on tone to create a subtle, yet textured feel.  Those two parts go together well.  I also layered alphabet letters in similar tones to make the word Love.  

I layered some of the blue sayings to finish off the sentiments on the page.

I told the story of how my inner child feels about my husband.  Trust and vulnerability are difficult, but the right relationship can make it all worth it.  Don't be afraid to explore all aspects of your inner child and how it relates to your life.


Behind the Art with Felecia

Its time for my final project from the Inside Out Inner Child kit...I'm sort of sad to see this kit go.

Its been amazing for me to get back in touch with that little scamp...I'm a very serious person who has a very difficult time joking around about myself, so this month's projects have been freeing and touching and have kept me smiling from ear to ear!

For the final project, I wanted to remind that little one that no matter what, she is so loved...loved beyond reason, loved no matter what. 

Not long ago, I re-discovered a box of photos of me when I was a child. I have been thoroughly enjoying rediscovering these shots of me...and the memories that go along with them.

These two spoke to me...spoke to what I feel like my inner child would look like if she could manifest herself for real. 

The Authentique paper with hearts is just so much fun!  And I love the striped paper as a background. I used some journaling cards and a couple of the die cuts to get a bit of layering done to frame the photos. 

I used the Faber Castell brush pen to freehand some border lines for dimension and color. 

The Fancy Pants mixed alphas are perfectly playful for a title like this. It makes me think of the newpaper / magazine cut out pictures I used to make when I was a kid. 

As is my habit, I cut of the chalkboard label into to pieces to add to both the top and bottom and provide some grounding. for the rest. 

My journaling is a simple reminder to myself...you are loved. Be at peace.

As a final project, this is probably my favorite. It definitely speaks to my heart.

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Melissa

My main, full-time job is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher. It's a challenging job but this has got to be my most favorite age. I love when my students discover and learn about new things. It has placed me in a situation where I am constantly thinking back to my glory days. Because of that, I am always remembering to pause and play. It's okay to have fun and be excited about the simplest of things. It's okay to love with all abandon and think that every single thing is the best invention ever.

I also love that I have an excuse to play and paint and be silly. What a fantastic release of energy for me! And for my kiddos!

I think, sometimes, us grown-ups think we have to always work, work, work. But, is that really satisfying? I've decided to work AND play. To discover new things and allow my inner-child to experience new things. It keeps life interesting!

Like the other day... I skipped instead of walked down the sidewalk. It was thrilling. You should try it too.

Grab yourself an Inner Child kit by clicking on the image to the right. Let your spirit run wild and free!


Behind the Art with Stacey

I am loving the kit this month, based on the theme of "inner child."  When I think about the inner child, I can't help but to think of my own kiddos.  They are children now...free, happy, full of wonder and curiosity.  I want them to hold onto those parts of themselves as they grow older.

I used this fun piece of paper because it is vibrant and bold.  Quite like I want my kids to be!

Gosh, I love this patchwork.  It reminds me of home and childhood.  I placed the picture in the center of what looked like rays.  I then layered some meaningful elements to fit my them.

I love how the hot air balloon and the Dr. Seuss saying go with the idea I am communicating.  I wrote to my kids about how I hope they hold onto their inner child and their desire to explore.  I chose the Play metal piece as a cute embellishment. 

I layered the alphabet to create the title of Be.  Last minute, I decided to add the blue stickers onto only the blue portions of the patchwork.  I put them down in all different directions so it gave it movement and told more of a story.   Much like this page. life should be playful.


Behind the Art: Guest Artist Stacey Hansen

Hi everyone,

Stacey Hansen here with you, again, sharing another page I created using the Inner Child kit.

Take a deep breath, Take Root, and Grow

I wanted to create a vertical line with numbers to represent growth like a vine.  The color of the paper reminds me of a watermelon which worked perfectly for this layout.

I have never planted a garden that was successful before.  I had started seedlings inside in March.  I had tended to them, watered them, I watched them grow, and they did indeed grow.  When it was time to move them outside for planting in the ground they needed to be hardened.  The needed small amounts of sun each day so they wouldn't just wither in the ground.  Even my tenderly timed hardening brought them all to a slow death.  One day frustrated I took a bunch of seeds and planted them in the ground.  I watered them and waited.  I didn't really expect they would grow and all of a sudden they did.  Day by day with childlike splendor I would rush out first thing in the morning to check on them.  These little seeds of hope have bloomed into fruit of promise.  Sometimes it takes child like actions of pouting, planting and watering to get the best things to grow.

Thank you so much for joining me here today!