Behind the Art with Felecia

Happy Thursday, everyone!!!

I'm bringing you the story behind my final ENERGY layout for this month.  

This is yet another layout from this kit that I'm absolutely in love with.

Truth be told, I'm not much of a pink girl...I like pink ok, but its not the color I reach for first. 

This paper though, the moment i got the kit, I pulled this paper out and decide it HAD to be used and in a big way for this emotion.

It isn't often that I work without photos...the photos and story are my foundation when I'm creating. So, to create without the photos was challenging.

I started with the idea...what is energizing to me throughout the day? What picks me up when I'm down? What things do crave when I'm feeling low?

The list was long...so either I was going to end up with 20 photos covering up my amazing paper, or I would have to work out this idea some more. 

As I trolled my own photos, I became less and less inspired with the idea...and so, I just got out my pencil and started to draw some lines...then I started to write out the things on my list, adding some lines as needed.

And Voila!  no picture required. 

Out came that amazing mist and I splattered and free-handed some lines with the wand inside the sprayer. 

You know, it occurs to me that just using the Fireworks mist is energizing all by itself...I should have put it on my list!

So, in the end, the journaling was all I needed. BAM! I'm out of my comfort zone.

I absolutely LOVE when the combination of the kit and the challenge to create end with feeling really jazzed up about journaling and scrapping..

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Jen

 Hi!  My final page this month has lots of visual energy!  I love all the different bright colors of this kit.  It makes me feel energized!  Just like my running sneakers do every time I look down at them!  I love the bright pink of these shoes.  They are my first running sneaks and they kept me going even when running was hard!

 All of those arrow stickers were perfect for this page!  I wanted to show movement and used some cut triangles at the top to help bring your eye around to the bottom. 
 The little patterns and references to travel or what you might see while running in the neighborhood! 
 All of these symbols, words, and colors are full of energy!  So am I when I run... it is my time to think, look around me and push myself a little more each time!


Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone and happy Tuesday!

Today I am sharing my last page created using our October kit ENERGY.

This page is documenting something I'm embracing about myself. I can actually recall a specific event when it finally stuck with me. Several years ago, the school I worked at was flooded by a broken water main. I was stressed. While trying to round up staff to help, I had to delegate who was going to stand at the doors to tell families we were closed; who was going to watch the kids already here; who was going to go around to all doorways and put up mats and sand bags; who was going to call the other admin staff. Aaahhh....

That night I put on my Facebook how thankful I was for the staff and their hard work. The reply I got was thanking me for being so calm and steady and being a great leader.



Really? I was freaking out! I swear I was sweating from the stress.

But no. That was not noticed.

And so, after that specific day, I began to really pay attention to that unassuming quality. And, wouldn't you know, over the years, situations would arise where I felt stressed out, over-energized, about to blow my top... and yet, no one could tell.

I mean... it was clear that I wasn't my normal self but, I came across cool, calm and collected.

What a blessing to have that characteristic!

Every once in awhile I wish my stress would show more. Especially in situations where I just don't have the time to stop and ask for help or a moment to breathe. Because, in my mind, if it was noticed more, perhaps others would be more apt to step in.

I created this page in a very purposeful manner. My photo is in the middle and is calm. My smile and demeanor are relaxed while, all around me, there is action. So, on this layout, the movement of the triangles and splatters of the paint... the bold colors surrounding the muted gray... are all symbolic of a world moving around me and I sit... relaxed. The surrounding symbolism is how I feel on the insides but, the middle photo is how I appear. 

It truly is a cool characteristic to have. One I've never realized I had until it was pointed out to me. 

Thanks for swinging by today!

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Behind the Art with Stacey

The minute I saw the paper with all the funky lines, I knew I wanted to make them a part of my design.  I imagined using arrows to go with the lines, creating a sense of chaos, yet balance.

That is exactly how I feel about my life as a mom.  I get my life energy from my kids.  At the same time, they drain me.  It is ironic.  A cycle that keeps turning.

I like how this page moves around.  It is a bit disorganized, quite like my life.  At the center are my two beautiful children.  That make my life a work in progress and I adore them.  I placed the heart transparency right near my photo to symbolize that they are my heart.

I used the arrows, triangles and circles are repeating elements.  I wanted the eye to bounce around the page.  I decided to make my title, Zap, for when being a mom drains me and, Bam, for when I am filled up again.

I told the story of how they affect my life energy.  Mostly, they fill me up and help me realize my life's purpose.


Behind the Art with Felecia

Is there anything you do in your life that just leaves you feeling jazzed, unable to sleep, completely like you could lift up a small car and carry it around the block?

For me, that is singing. 

It makes me FEEL amazing.

To conquer a melody, the lyrics, the emotional nuances...these are still mountain top experiences for me.

When you add the energy and electricity of being on stage in front of people, its a super duper win in my world.

I don't do much stage singing these days...even still, in the shower, in my car, at my desk, in the kitchen - anywhere I can do it without bothering others, I sing. Ok..that's not entirely true. I sing even when I'm bothering people. Its so therapeutic and soul healing for me...and honestly just a bit automatic. Sometimes I find I'm singing when I don't even realize its happening. 

I wanted a layout about how singing makes me feel  - full of sparkle and connection and color and depth...

And can I just admit - I LOVE how this turned out! It says everything I feel when I'm singing!

I really enjoy using mists on projects. Its so versatile...and the COLOR in this month's kit - its amazing! I sprayed it over the stencil, splattered it, and even painted it on my plain chipboard letters. 

I also just absolutely loved using circles and half circles...connecting everything...bringing it all back together. 

I think this might be one of my most favorite layouts ever - partly because of the subject, partly because of the shimmer and sparkle and partly because of the movement the piece has.

It isn't often I get what's in my head down on paper exactly the way it feels...but this one did it!

Peace, ya'll!


Behind the Art with Jen

Soo.... this post may be one that hits home for some of you and may offend others.  I love to swear... I just do.  I say what I mean whenever I want (in my head).  When you have kids, you modify your swear words.  I say a lot of "Whatever"s and "Darn it"s.    It's not as satisfying when you are mad at your spouse or just dropped something heavy on your toe.   I try hard to not swear in front of my kids but sometimes I just do.  My kids know that adult words are NOT for them to say and they scold me too.  I always apologize to them... all is forgiven.  Except sometimes you just need to let it all out! 

There are some people in my life that just drive me nuts with their complaining, nagging, or general negative attitude.  I usually smile and move on with my day but there are times when I've had enough of the negative whining.  I just have to tell it like it is... it's not pretty or polite but that's too bad.  I am not going to sugarcoat it for them.  They deserve the real word... it's only a word but it's a strong one.  It's therapeutic and necessary at times.  
 Of course if you say it too much, it loses the power behind it.  I like to save it for real necessary times when I'm really worked up or have held it in too long.  I said it... yes I did! 
 This page was made on a day when I had released the "F-bomb" several times... mostly for a good reason, though I can't recall exactly what it was at this moment but that is irrelevant.  It's the satisfaction of getting it out there and feeling the release of all the frustration let out with one word.  It may be immature, crass, or whatever you want to call it but I love that word when used sparingly! 

So, if I offend you... sorry but WHATEVER!  Just sayin'


Behind the Art with Melissa

Hi everyone!

Today I am sharing more about this page:

I want to preface everything with saying that this layout, design wise, was completely out of my comfort zone. I hate black. Paint is fun but, it scares me. And I have a hard time making purple look good.

But, there is a reason I stepped out of my comfort zone. I wanted to address the word INTENSE. It has a lot to do with Energy. In fact, we have a journaling prompt about it. Check it out:

Intensity: Some of us are more intense and driven than others, and our drive changes based on our circumstances and our challenges at any given time. Are there areas in your life where you show a real intensity, and how do others react to it – are you ever ‘too’ intense? Are there both benefits and costs to being driven, and what have you given up because of your drive? Would you change anything about those choices looking back?
I have never considered myself an intense person. One thing I am learning, however, is that this is not how others view me. Necessarily. As I get older, and have more conversations, I am slowly gaining perspective on how others view me. And it's all verrrrrrrrrrrry interesting. INTENSE has never been a word that someone has described me as. However... the word PASSIONATE has crossed lips.

When I created this layout, I wanted to exude intensity. I chose the black background because it is such a strong color. By painting with white all over the background, there was no turning back with the boldness it portrayed. Add in the bold colors... here we go.

I love using layers for design purposes but I also love the symbolism they add. Our personality can be compared to an onion. Yeah? Okay so go with me here. As you peel back the layers, our character is revealed more and more. As people get to know me better, they realize that I do have an intense side of me. And, as my journaling tells you, it has to do with my faith.

If you ask me about my faith, I will go full throttle with you. Full. Throttle. I will turn red because I get excited to share my story. It's... well... intense.

It felt good to record this page for more than one reason. 1) Because I stepped out of my comfort zone in order to exude and energetic and intense layout. 2) I learned more about myself... I am intense when it comes to certain areas of my life. 3) In answer to the prompt, I don't find that people get turned off by my intensity. In fact, the opposite seems to happen. I get asked questions. Which keeps me talking. And I definitely think that's the opposite of being turned off. :)

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