Behind the Art with Jen

Hi Artsy friends!  Sharing this page is a pleasure.  I love this accidental photo I took one day with my youngest son on a walk while out Pumpkin picking.  We happened to be holding hands and I just snapped the photo on a whim.  I was so happy and surprised that it came out so well.
It's hard to be a mom somedays when there is so much going on but when moments like this come along and family time is precious, I value these little details.  Holding hands, walking and talking about our lives.  My sweet boy is growing so fast and becoming his own person and I hope that I have instilled kindness and positive choices in him.  
I used the vellum heart to frame our hands so we could still see it through the window.  I drew a heart to draw attention to it.
Lots of splatters from the Distress Marker (I colored on a non-stick mat and added water with a stiff bristle brush and flicked it to create the splatters.  I did the same with some gold and silver inks) and some Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft Whipped Spackle through the stencil added some texture to the page.
I absolutely love sparkle and these adhesive sequins were perfect as accents!  Just gives such a shine to the page!

I cherish the times when he grabs my hands and wants to walk with me.  My heart soars with joy!  Love you little man!

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