Behind the Art with Stacey

The idea of inner gifts got me thinking about what relationships in my life are connected to the gifts I possess.  Inner gifts form us and drive our decision making.  They lead us down the path in life.  When you enter into a relationship, you have to make sure your inner gifts are honored and cherished.

I remember when my husband and I first met.  I shared with him about how I need to stand in my truth.  Be who I am and know where my boundaries are.  He told me early on that I should always do that.  If at any time, that meant I needed more from our relationship or needed to move in a different direction, he would understand.  It made an impact on me and I knew he was someone I wanted to build a life with.

When I saw the word stencil in the kit, it instantly reminded me of Steve.  Those are the kinds of words he would use with me, the advice he would give.  It reminded me of standing in my truth.  He loves me for my inner gifts and remembers those when the not so good sides of me come to life.  

I put the journaling along the diagonals on the top border.  It reads, "Stand in my truth.  You love that about me-vowed to never pull me away from that.  You taught me all these things. I am so very happy."

I layered the journaling card and a picture of him.  I also placed the arrow stickers in between the lines.  He reads between the lines with me all the time.  How is he able to do that?  He knows my inner gifts.  It is a simple page, but I love it so much.

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