Behind the Art with Jen

Another fine December day here is Upstate NY... we have had one of the warmest in history for our area.  Hope it's nice where you are too.  I've enjoyed a lot of fun family time and preparing for the holidays.  So, I'm sharing this page with you today.

This time of year is crazy but we manage to fit in lots of fun as well as our daily responsibilities.  Karate is one of the things we all do in my family.  We just had belt graduations and 2 of us earned our next belt!  With everyone's schedules, work, school, homework, music lessons, karate, and sports, as well as events we are super busy! But most of the time we make it work.  It takes communication and coordination!

I loved this stencils and traced it with the Distress pen to create that feeling of directional pull... going in multiple directions!
The arrows were perfect too!  Even though we are busy we are happy and crazy!

I love my happy, crazy, busy life!  

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