Behind the Art with Stacey

Happy November and welcome to a new month where we are exploring our inner gifts.  For each kit, I tend to explore feelings and thoughts about myself.  But each month I also consider my family and how they fit into the month's theme.  As a mom, I hope my kids develop, recognize and foster their unique inner gifts.  I know that life will be fulfilling if they do.

I love the Simple Stories paper with all these words.  I want my kids to feel each of these things on a regular basis.  I also love the Dr. Seuss card.  I knew they had to be big elements on this page.  I just started layering some of the elements I was drawn too and then put down the photo.  

By placing this journaling card over the paper, I lost a bit of the words.  I decided to trace over the loved and extend the writing over the journaling card.  I embellished the loved with a sticker heart and the silver arrow head.

I also wrote a note to my kids.  I hope they learn about what makes them special and they can identify their inner gifts.  I want them to hold onto those gifts, foster them and remember them when they make mistakes in life.  It is the remembering your gifts that helps you to admit your mistakes and move forward.

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