Behind the Art with Felecia

I'm sure for many, being a Christian seems like the safe thing to do. Its perceived as an established spiritual choice, and has at its core what might be considered a very conservative, unrisky platform. 

But that is not what it is like for me...it is not what it has ever been for me. 

To be a Christian radically changed the direction I was heading in. I would like to tell you that I went along quietly and serenely. 

I didn't. 

My choice placed me dead center in ridicule and mockery from my very intellectual friends. It put me in a position to have to say I am a follower of Jesus and still explain that I love people for who they are - even when I might not agree with their life choices. 

It separated me from friends I dearly loved and made many of my relationships awkward. 

Some people couldn't accept that on certain subjects we would have to agree to disagree.They couldn't imagine that I was capable of having a relationship that was rich and deep with them unless we agreed on all the major points of life. Those people vacated themselves from my life.

There are precious few from my "old" life who have accepted my faith...and that understand I intend to live it as honestly and truthfully as I possibly can. Those precious few know I appreciate them as people, appreciate their point of view, that their relationships are my greatest gifts and I have a genuine love for them that likely wouldn't be possible without my spirituality. 

The kind of faith that sort of both flies in the face of the conventional church and also strives to live an honest and unapologetic love of Christ creates interesting conversations, forces me to dig deeply, to really understand my faith, to walk it out. 

Its is gorgeous and tough and easy and painful and worth every single solitary step. 

Not a popular stance, even more so when horrid things and hatred are done by those who profess to do so in the name Christianity.

Not an easy choice, perhaps...but one that is true to me, true to my heart. I choose to stand and call myself counted.

And all these things the Bible actually promises...that followers will be hated, mocked, ridiculed...that friendships will be ended and families divided...by conventional standards...it is not the safe thing to do. 

It is brave to follow a spiritual course. To lay down one's own life to pursue the soul enriching answers to those deep deep questions. 

This is my kind of brave. 

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