Behind the Art with Felecia

Love is brave. 

It is not a thing - a feeling....it is a verb - an action word.

Love opens us up. 

It throws off the mantle of convention and status and language and exposes what we are underneath.

Love puts us in positions of vulnerability.

It enables us to act with kindness and generosity toward those who may not share our beliefs, our world view, our income, our neighborhood, or any of the other millions of little things that we use to identify ourselves.

It takes courage to be some one who loves. 

Because love can be messy.

My layout is messy...and full of hearts and glitter and little shiny things...much like loving others.

I pray that I always love others well, that I have the courage to love, even when it is uncomfortable, inconvenient or painful. I pray that my heart shows...with glittery, glimmery magnificence.

I pray that people know I endeavor to be a lover...and that my endeavor shows in my life. 

I pray that love is written all over my life.

May we always be brave enough to love...

Peace, ya'll!

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