Behind the Art with Stacey

Can you recall a specific moment in life where you had to reach out to someone else, showing bravery?  It can be a time where you weren't sure of the response or outcome, but you needed that communication to heal yourself.  When the word BRAVE came up as the kit theme, I immediately thought of such moments. 

One that came to mind involves a conversation I had with my mom.  I had been having flashes of my childhood.  Scary ones where I was frightened, hiding, and protective.  I knew I had gone through a trauma and wanted to hear the story.  I can't tackle what I can't see.

So I asked.

I chose a happy photo of my mom even though I am sure it was hard for her to tell the story.  She lived it too and reliving it must have been hard.  It wasn't a happy story to hear, but I still wanted there to be positive on the page. 

I used the star to symbolize the fact that this conversation was an important moment in my life.  I wanted it all to make sense and it did.  All because my mom told me a story.
I decided to journal in pieces, putting words in all the different boxes.  These were defining moments and putting them into literal boxes showed that.  I acknowledged the fact that I appreciated her bravery for telling and mine for asking.  A thank you is deserved.

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