Behind the Art with Jen Matott

After my oldest son and husband achieved their black belt this past February, I was so proud of them and decided that it was something that I wanted for myself.  I had never considered myself athletic enough or in want of a martial arts belt.  I run and take a martial arts kickboxing class but until that day when I watched my son and husband perform with the team, I didn't know that I would want that too.  One woman in particular shared her story of her journey to black belt.  She was out of shape, couldn't even complete 2 push ups the first class.  She didn't give up though and kept working towards better health and martial arts.  She told everyone of her struggles and her support from her family and how this accomplishment was the result of believing in herself and hard work!  I could have been the one standing up there speaking.  Her story was similar to mine except that I just realized that I could do this! 

 So, I went for it!  I signed up and 6 weeks later, I graduated to the next belt!  I loved it even though I was scared to start, nervous each time I learned something new, and terrified when I had to stand up in front of every one and perform what I practiced.  It was exciting and terrifying all at once. 
 I know now that I can do this!  I can learn new moves, become stronger, and perform under pressure.  I love it!  It is empowering to know that I can keep up with higher belts!  I am strong, confident, and willing to learn and grow! 

 Here I am accepting my new yellow belt!  It was such a proud moment!  I am anxious to learn the new moves and work my way up the belts until I reach my goal... black belt!
Have you ever realized you wanted something you thought you couldn't do, but then realized you could?  It's amazing when you believe that you can do it! Go for it!!!

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