Behind the Art with Felecia

A few weeks ago, one of the articles trending on my Flipboard account was a very detailed set of instructions on when and how to wear ankle boots vs. when and how to wear knee high boots. 

I'll be honest, not being one of the fashion elite, I sort of needed this advice. So i opened it. But as I read it, the details of when and how all started to jumble together. I couldn't honestly see the difference between this pant and that pant or this hemline and that hemline...and in short, I ended up thinking - this article is for people who have so little security in their own clothing choices that they need a rule for everything. 

And that is where I had sort of an epiphany...

I've come a long way...

There was a time when I would have printed that article, posted it on the wall of my closet and followed it to the tiniest detail.

At some point, I started to ask myself - why isn't the style that I gravitate to enough? Why aren't my own choices about my own hair color or my own heel height or my own lunch or my own art enough.
And I began to approach my life differently.

I believe that raising kids has been part of my transformation, but also burn out and frustration over wanting to be a "designer" took its tool. I spent too much time hiding me and not enough time being the me I was created to be. 

Its taken a lifetime (so far) to learn to be ok with my own perspective, in my art, my home, my food, my writing...all of it. 

I frankly should have trusted long ago.

The design of this project was to focus perspective on "me" in the center. It made a perfect place to hilight "my" way of layering - which is to say, not overly layered and still simple in its approach - and my favorite technique thus far - mist splatters.

I honestly wish I could have come to some level of comfort in my own skin long before. I think in today's culture of social media and subtle shaming, its brave to live out loud, as it were. Its brave to make a choice NOT to follow the rules of fashion or art and just be....

Peace, ya'll!