Weekend Warmup: Sneak Peek of our October Kit

I've always worried about fitting in. I grew up in an environment where it wasn't OK to be different...in fact it wasn't OK to even think about how you might be different from what you were expected to be. 

I come from a fearful past - where thoughts and feelings were taboo - as if God was in our heads, watching everything and judging us.

I'm pretty sure that every kid, tween and teen feels like that at some point in her life. Either because she's being bullied, just feels like an outsider because her hair is the 'wrong' color, or her body is the 'wrong' size...

If I had only had an outlet, some way of expressing what was going on in a safe way...oh, right, that's why I created SFTIO! 

I love that I get to express who I TRULY am, and that I get to (hopefully) inspire other women and girls to do the same. 

That whatever I think and feel is absolutely OK - it's better than OK, it's CRITICAL to understanding what makes me tick and what matters most.

Yeah, I do it for me...and for you...and for this guy:

The best way for me to teach him to be his authentic self is to NOT teach him. I need to SHOW him.

I'm showing him that he has the right to all his thoughts and feelings...that whatever his choices, his wishes, by his very existence in this world, he BELONGS.

Join us on October 1st for the BELONGING kit.

You belong. Just remember that.

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