Nighttime Challenge...

So, did you work on your last Dream challenge, scrapbooking about your dream come true?  Please, do share... link us up in a comment or post it to our community gallery.  Then... join us in this next challenge.  We're going deep and dark on this one.  Ready?


Nighttime: Do you remember your sleeping dreams? Are they in black and white or color? Are your dreams more involved and complex or do you wake with an automatic understanding of what your dreams mean? What symbols appear in your dreams regularly? Do you have recurring dreams? What about nightmares? Are yours about things that would only be scary to you or scary to anyone?

Let's get some of the bad stuff out!

For this challenge, please create a layout about a nightmare or recurring dream with strange or unusual symbolism. What do you think these dreams are about? What might the dream be telling you about yourself?

I have a lot of those recurring dreams, and the ones I remember are in color.  But I've never really had an automatic understanding of what my dreams mean... although, I have done some research.  I can't wait to dig in to this challenge!

Love the design twist on this one... check it out:

For the design twist, please use darkness and light - making your LO look deep and dark but with flashes of glimmer - mist? glitter? like a sparkly night... 

What do you think?  Are you in?  Let's do it!

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