What's Your Dream Come True?

Thanks so much for sharing your dreams yesterday!  Okay, now... let's play! 

We have a challenge going on over at the Inside Out community and we'd love for you to play along with us!  Here's your challenge:  use the following prompt and design twist to create your first Dream layout.

Yes, it's that easy!

But if you want a chance to win some awesome goodies, you also have to come over and post it up in our gallery.  If you don't want to play to win, then share your layout on your blog and link us up in a comment here.  We'd love to see it.

Okay, now... Go!
Dream Come True: Have you had the wonderful experience of a cherished wish becoming reality? When you learned about the good news, did it feel real or like you were living in a dream? Were you surprised, or did you keep the faith about your wish so that you had confidence that it would be?

For our first challenge, please create a layout about a dream becoming a reality. For the design twist please use rays - as in a sunrise or rays of light from the heavens...perhaps elucidating whether your dream rose slowly like a sunrise or burst into creation like the sky opened up.

PS - if you need an idea for the design twist, check out yesterday's post!

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thriftycrafter said...

Mine's in the gallery
I'm not much of a dreamer, I think I was as a child then I became more of a realist with a few fantasies :)