Behind the Scenes (and two Winners!)


Melinda (AKA Medialady), congrats, you're the winner of our Dream Kit guessing game prize, Tim Holtz' Wings and Crowns Metal Embellishments! Email us at rachinla@aol.com with your snail mail addy!)

And the lovely Hayley Edge is the random winner of our AUTHENTIQUE giveaway for starting a new subscription before 2-2-12. Hayley, a lovely pack of paper and more is coming your way!

For this Behind the Scenes post, we have design team member Nicole back to share a bit more about one of her layouts. I am loving getting this insight into what our team members go through when creating their gorgeous layouts.

Dream Joy

What prompted you to pick this "take" on Dream? 
I think that for most people, it’s normal to have dreams that are unrealistic but sometimes we need to give ourselves some credit on the dreams that are possible… and this is why I decided to use “If you can imagine it, you can achieve it. If you can dream it, you can become it” by Arthur Ward.

Why did you choose this photo?
I like how mysterious the photo looks and thought it was perfect with the quote.

What symbolism did you try to bring through your design? 
I tried to keep the colors soft, almost dream-like to fit the theme of my layout.

How did you feel about the message of the layout?  I felt that I did the quote justice with the design and photo. The mood of the layout was almost too perfect… a dream come true!

Why did you choose to show (or hide) your journaling?  I always include journaling of some form and it is never hidden. I feel it is important to share our stories so others can relate!

Tell us a little bit about how you feel now that this layout is done. I am ready to pursue some things… things that I would never dream of doing. Things that make me happy!

Want more Nicole? Head on over to her blog!

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