Night Dreams

A while back we talked about some of the dreams we think of during the day, or day dreams.  We think about goals and future plans and wishes. 

How about our nighttime visits to la la land?  Everyone dreams, but not everyone remembers those nighttime forays into adventure-land.  I remember mine.  In fact, I have repeat type dreams that come back, sometimes years later.  Sometimes when they come back, they continue on, like the next chapter was written.  It's really weird because I recognize, while dreaming, that I've been in this dream before and yet, I don't wake up. I let it go on, even when it's an uncomfortable dream.


For example, I have a recurring dream about being in an elevator, or walking into an elevator.  Now, I have a phobia of falling... not necessarily heights, because I can be in a very tall building, and as long as I'm safe from falling, not have any adverse reaction.  But these elevator dreams are very distressing.  When I walk into the elevator, it's always under construction and the floorboards are actually just one or two crossed planks.  Otherwise, you can see straight down the elevator shaft.  I *must* take the elevator somewhere so I always have to board.  Other people in the elevator don't seem as distressed at the lack of flooring but it's all I can do to keep my balance and stay on the wobbly floor boards until the door opens on my floor.  Sometimes I am trying to enter or exit the elevator without falling through the gaps, but most of the time I'm riding in the elevator.

I also have a recurring dream about being in a house - a combination of my house of my youth and my paternal grandmother's.  I find a new stair case leading either up the side of the house to a secret room, or down into a basement that is usually dark or only partially lit.  The staircase leading up leads to a tiny room filled with books that I've never seen before.  While I'm looking at them, I find a passage way that actually leads down to the basement (or I start in the basement).  There is always some ominous person in the basement I am trying to avoid and I'm always trying to get back to the hidden library.  Every once in a while, there is a black cat (anyone out there superstitious), who is usually in the library.  There are other parts of the house I explore too, but I always end up in one of these two places.

I find it weird that I have recurring dreams and that I remember them.  Does anyone else have them?  What do you dream about?  Are they scary or just mellow? 

I actually love dreaming, but sometimes the feeling in the dream transfers over into my awake world, and I don't much like that.  For example, if i have a fight with my husband in my dream, and wake up in the middle of it, I'm awake and mad at him for no reason in "real life".  It's hard to shake.

Do you have that happen to you?

Oh, and make sure you come back tomorrow... we'll talk more about dreams and another Inside Out challenge!

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