Wishful Winner and 'Three Wishes' Layout Challenge

We Have a Winner!

cindy H said...
I have been looking back at my childhood and always remembering that I wanted to travel and teach. Now that I have had the opportunity to travel to some of the places I dreamed about - travel is still high on my list. I hope to have more time to travel and an opportunity to teach k-6

Thanks for playing, Cindy! Email me at rachinla@aol.com and I'll help you out with that HOPE kit discount!

And check out our first Challenge, "Three Wishes", at Scrapbooking from the Inside Out for May:

Please create a layout about what three wishes you'd make if you found a lamp with a Genie in it. They can be light and fun-loving or deep and meaningful - just one caveat - you CAN'T wish for three more (or unlimited) wishes! Like with all wishes, be careful what you wish for...have you thought about the ramifications? For the design twist, please use some imagery, directly or indirectly, that implies magic...a genie bottle, smoke, wand, a flash, a nose wiggle or blink...

If you'd like to play along, come check out the Message Board and post your LO in our Gallery...as always, we'll have great prizes to share at the end of the month, and the love and admiration of a fantastic community of deep women...

It's Magic!



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