Does HOPE really spring eternal?

You can go a day without food, but can you go a day without hope?

Writers and philosophers say that hope is a critical mechanism of the human spirit that allows us to persevere in difficult circumstances. Are you a hopeful and optimistic person? Are you able to handle complex situations with ease because you believe in better days ahead? Or are you more deterministic, believing that life’s ups and downs are just 'the way things are'?

Have you experienced hope in a situation where others thought that hope was gone? Do you ever hope for things or situations that others think cannot be? Do their opinions matter?

To me, hope is the invisible currency of the human experience - you can hold onto it, give it up, or provide it for others; having hope can keep you alive - literally and figuratively - in the even most dire circumstances.

To make this life have meaning, you must have hope - that your dreams will be realized, that there is something greater than us, that tomorrow can always be better. Hope is the belief that things can change for the better and that what we can't see may truly exist...

How cool is this LO? I found it searching on this topic in the flikr stream of sunray_sunray, who did it as part of a class with Rachel Denbow. Go check out her stream! Wow...

Does HOPE spring eternal in your mind?



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shaina said...

what a terrific page. thanks for sharing. love all the inspiration i find here...