Behind the Art with Stacey

When I considered my inner gifts, I thought about what those were.  More importantly, I considered where those gifts are shaped and formed.  What were the origins?  I realize that I was born wired a certain way.  But certain people in my life have influenced my inner gifts.

There is something about having strong friendships that fills me up.  It is different that the feelings I get being a wife and a mom.  It is more about feeling like a woman.  I can use my inner gifts within my friendships.  I can be a good listener and someone who is unconditional.

I explored the idea of how friendships can impact my inner gifts.  I went uber girlie on this page.  I loved the wooden star on the patterned paper and cut it so I could use it almost as a doilie. I placed the really feminine floral paper at the top since this page is about my girl friends.

I layered several meaningful embellishments like the floral and the Joy brad.  I also put my title on the frame, placing the URG8 tag underneath.  Friendships allow me to be me in a different way than I am in other roles.  I am lucky to have a few great groups of friends.

There is something about those long lasting friendship, where your girls love you no matter what.  They support you during your hard times, without judgement.  They wouldn't think of doing anything to hurt your feelings, especially when they know your secrets and fears.  Those friends bring out my best inner gifts.  I couldn't survive without that in my life.

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