Behind the Art with Jen

Hi, Artsy friends!!  This page is all about inner gifts and the lack there of.  I never had the gift of athleticism.  I didn't enjoy sports or even working out as a teen or young adult.  Until I started running, I really didn't like sweating and pushing myself into that uncomfortable zone.   That's where this page came from... that belief in one's self that you can overcome previous negative attitudes.  You can change and grow and pull things out of yourself that  you never dreamed possible.

 I didn't think I could run weekly let along daily.  I know I can now that I have done it!  I dream big... having signed up for a 1/2 marathon in this coming spring, I believe I can do it mile by mile.  All it takes is hard work, dedication, motivation, and support.  I have all of that.  I will succeed because inside me I know I can!  Am I scared to death? YES!  I want to do well..  I want it to be easy.  It won't be, but I will succeed!
 My friends, family, and coaches believe I can do it... that helps me to believe I can too.  It is a journey and running with friends is way easier and more fun!  When I signed up for this 1/2 marathon, I did it because my running friends said I could do it and they would be there running along with me!  I am nervous and scared but training for this makes it more fun and less scary!
 For this page, I used the stick titles and cut off an "S" from Smile to create Mile.  The symbolism behind the arrows just made me think of moving forward step by step, mile by mile.

 What is a hidden gift that you didn't think was there but with the help of others, you discovered later?

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