Behing the Art with Stacey

This October, think about your true stories.  There are so many interesting things about each of us.  I have a true story that always intrigues people including myself.  For a good portion of my life, I had a family that I didn't know much about.  Siblings I never thought I would meet.  It created wonder in my life.  Sometimes I was afraid of the unknown.  Other times, I just felt sad.  It is hard to feel left out for so long.

In a matters of months, all of that changed.  A trip to a magical place and an unforgettable event healed that wounded child within.  Savannah holds a special place in my heart because of the emotions I felt there.

I had the chance to meet my siblings.  It was such a surreal moment in my life and I vividly remember the details.  I decided to use a dark background to make the lighter, more feminine colors stand out.  I used girlie touches because so much of the journaling has to do with me as a little girl.  I also choose the butterfly as a symbol of change and how something ordinary can transform into something so beautiful.

I shared some of my true story, my fears and sadness that turned into joy.  It is a summary of a crazy true story where I tried to capture the highlights.

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