Behind the Art with Felecia

Hey, everyone!!!  I hope this post is finding everyone working on your own True Story.

For my next project from Inside Out's True Story kit, I focused on using the Just Add Color papers from Bella Blvd. I LOVE black and white papers and how adding just one color can really pop every single paper and pattern in the project.

My project is about my sweet sister Kellie...we've lived at least 1/2 way across the country from one another all our adult lives.  BUT she recently moved just 30 minutes down the road from me and we've been having a great time writing a new chapter to our story - one where we have family dinners and lots of phone calls and sharing special moments.

This picture was one we took on a recent trip to California...a moment of huge fun I pray we have a lot more of!!

I wanted to put as many patterns into this as possible...to reflect the extreme fun.

I've been doing quite a lot of layering behind my photos using a cut-by-hand technique I learned from Ashli Oliver. I am very timid when it comes to layering, especially in a messy way. I'm much better with neat and tidy square arrangements, but I've not felt satisfied with that technique lately. So, I've been experimenting with alternatives. Gettting a little bit messy and unsquare...its more like my REAL life...and the art should reflect real life, don't you think?

The bits and pieces in this kit are so amazing. This little ticket was just the perfect addition to my silly selfie. 

I love having a new chapter in my story with my sister - a funner and more involved chapter...

Peace, ya'll!

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Deanna Anthony said...

I really love your page! It is pleasing in every way! Love the polka dot background! It makes me more confident to try dots on my pages. Hope you're having a wonderful day!