Behind the Art with Jen

Being a mom is hard work!  Sometimes you worry that the kids are doing not enough or too much!  There are a million things to worry about.  But when I catch my boys just being simple boys with sticks, it makes me inner voice calm down and quiet.  I just smile and enjoy the moment.  They were pretending the sticks were bows and they were on an adventure along with their imaginations! 

The symbolism of the arrow in this kit helped me to create this page.  I knew immediately what photo I wanted to use!  Sometimes kids show us how to just be... just have fun with whatever is around.  I'd like to think that I can view things creatively (I am an art teacher and artist after all) but with all the craziness in being an adult, I forget to just keep it simple.  They remind me!
 I did create a complex embroidery detail with a heart from one of the papers.  I just had to stitch it!  I tried it once and the paper buckled so I had to back it with a thicker piece of cardstock and cut it out and poke the holes to stitch.  I love how it came out! 
 Follow your heart and look for simple signs that you need to slow down and pay attention!  Kids are perfect at finding opportunities to just play.  I need to listen to that inner voice sometimes but also quiet it when it starts worrying!  My kids are my gift to myself and I hope I always catch them being good boys.  They are so sweet and I am a lucky mama!

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