Behind the Art with Stacey

The concept of true story opens the mind up to a variety of ideas.  Will you scrap funny true stories, things you would rather forgot or meaningful true moments for your life?  I decided to dedicate a page to several true stories in my life.  I journaled about many details that are true, unusual and make me unique.

I decided to use the arrow paper from the kit in a dramatic fashion.  I love the idea of all the arrows pointing in one direction. I put the photo right in the center of the arrows.  I also added some tidbits around the photo like the circular S that stands for my name.  I needed something big to balance the arrows and business of the paper.  I decided to grab a strip of typography that reads "Be better today than you were yesterday."  In some ways, I live life like that each day.  I hand cut around some of the arrows so they overlap the paper.

I also placed the butterflies down as a symbol.  I am trying to evolve always.  Knowing my truths and embracing them will give me the strength I need to change and improve.  I scrapped random thoughts about my true stories.  I grounded the bottom of the page with the stack of books and put the word SELFIE there since it is a page about me.  I love pages like this because it helps me to reflect and set goals.

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