Behind the Art with Stacey

Here we are...October arrived and fall is here!  Our theme for this month is True Story.  I started thinking about the true stories I found to be interesting or intriguing.  I typically scrap a page each month about my children.  I knew that I wanted to share the true stories about their births.

I always share the moment of their births where we bonded.  To go with my theme, I added scattered hearts cut from the patterned paper.  I used the pink marker from the kit to add some simple dots in a random pattern.  I also colored in the top left stripe to ground the page.

I wrote down the stories, each one unique.  They love to hear these and I make sure to share with them every birthday.

I added little touches like the & sign and cheerful words.  I hand wrote the Story and put True into the heart.  All the elements support the happy feeling behind the page.

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