Behind the Art with Jen

Hi artsy friends!  I have had the craziest month and finally, I feel like I'm sort of caught up!  It's nuts!  I absolutely adored this kit's colors and designs!  I was very inspired right away with the rub ons and butterflies!   So, I knew this page had to have some of each.  I have these photobooth photos of my husband and I and wanted to use them for this layout.
 We are an odd couple.. my husband and I.  We are exact opposites but we have rubbed off (in good and bad ways) so that we seem to be more and more alike which causes some battles.  He is a neat freak, worrier and I am a creative mess, social butterfly!  It's not always easy to blend our personalities.  We fight over the typical stuff but sometimes we argue over dumb things!
 Our life is far from fairy tale and perfect but it's amazing all the same.  We argue, bicker, fight and even scream at each other, but we also hug, kiss, snuggle, and work together in a crisis.  It's about compromise and empathy.  We sometimes seem like we are at out wit's end.
 I have to say that I envy those couples that were best friends first and that have an easy laugh along with the hard times. It's a lot of work to make this relationship work. That's not to say that we don't laugh but rather that our reaction to each other and others takes work.  It doesn't come as easy but when we do click, it's magic!  We feel most connected when we are relaxing outside, watching the kiddos laugh.
 It's taken me a long time to be okay with the fact that we are different and it's what's okay!

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