Behind the Art with Felecia

For my second project from Inside Out's True Story kit, I really wanted to focus on the "story" part...

It seems to me that the best parts of my own story have nothing to do with big deal stuff...its in the little parts, the small moments. 

I kept looking at those amazing My Minds Eye letters and how striking they were all together. I really wanted to save the letters for my other projects, but I loved how they looked together so much that I decided to punch them out and use the left over chipboard as a background. 

Letters are the small parts of words, moments are the small part of time...words and time make up our stories...maybe that only makes sense to me, but I love how the symbolism speaks to me. 

So...as I was considering how to use chipboard sheet my letters came from, I decided to paint over them. My original paint job was a bit to bright. So I used some white mist and toned it down a little bit.

The great super narrow tape reminded me of ribbon, so I wrapped it around several times, like a tie around a journal.

The mat for the photos is meant to look like a file folder and I used the MME typewriter paper (of course!!) to hint at my "story" theme.

I properly labeled my "file folder" and gave it a tab on top using a journal card, some die cut bits and the amazing letters!

And of course the little hashtag sayings properly identified my moments and my over all story!!!

LOVING where this kit is taking me in my exploration....

Peace, ya'll!

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