Behind the Art with Felecia

Hello!  Welcome to my first True Story project post!

Have I mentioned before that I'm not so much into pink? Wellllllll...this kit might be the one that pushes me into the liking and maybe even LOVING pink category.

I started by thinking about my own true story, my faith is a huge part of it. I often pray for big huge mountains to be moved...or for God to show me the way around them, through them, over them...whatever. But in my study and learning, I have found that sometimes I'm the big mountain...and I hope that my story includes those moments when I have enough courage to BE moved by God as appropriate.

For some people, I think this flexibility is quite easy. I cannot necessarily say the same. I'm quite dedicated to my way of doing things and thus I sometimes find myself stubbornly holding onto things I have outgrown, that are holding me back, that are causing me pain, or are just plain old not working.

I started with black cardstock and played with a couple of mists - Heidi Swapp Gold and a very old Studio Calico white, creating a little background.

I then used several layers of the My Minds Eye paper to frame my picture so that it had some dimension and movement.

Butterflies are a motif I often use when I'm documenting change, movement, or metamorphosis in my own life - those moments I can identify with certainty are "becoming" moments. So...I definitely wanted to use the gorgeous My Minds Eye butterfly paper.

I'm not entirely sure that I could say that a butterfly is "my" symbol, but I can most certainly say that I use this symbol in a lot of my projects about my own growth.

Ok, ok,  ok...I sort of wished there two sheets of this so I could use the words on the flip side for one project and the butterflies for another...BUT...I chose the butterflies...they just spoke so much to me! 

I played with the layout a bunch of ways, but in the end opted to fussy cut thebutterflies and the phrases out so I could make my own arrangement.

The end result is supposed to be me being moved by all these gossamer butterflies with encouraging words...

It feels right...

Peace, ya'll!

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