Guest Contributing Artist: Stacey Hansen

Hi everyone!

I am so excited to be joining Inside Out this month. Here is a little bit more about me before I dive into sharing more about this first page:

A cupcake mom living in a world of a half dozen kiddos, paper, frosting, adoption, fitness and yoga.  Stacey started scrapbooking almost 20 years ago to document life and all that it brought her way.  Through the years her craft has turned from creating with paper and photos to telling a story of heart, purpose, and life through her eyes.  The story is what drives it all in life, on paper, in the gym, on the yoga mat it is all about heart. 
You can find me here:

Instagram : https://instagram.com/cupcakemomcolorado/

Now onto my first page I'm sharing with all of you!

I wanted this layout to have free movement.  It is imperfect intentionally.  Splatters of mist, lines a little crooked, and clusters of embellishments to reflect my heart and life. 

It has taken 39 years to be exactly who I am right now. I am kind hearted, fierce in my thoughts, and completely free.  In the course of life I built a castle around my heart.  I guarded it fiercely with bricks of authenticity. These walls kept me safe they kept me from pain (or so I thought) and they protected me from being vulnerable.  The truth is I didn’t even realize until recently that I had carefully crafted this castle.  Slowly and ever so tenderly the castle walls are crumbling and this beautiful heart that feels even bigger, loves even grander, risks even greater is  now being exposed.  Tears of joy fall freely like a dam that has been broken.

The heart is much kinder, the mind so much clearer, and the freedom is so much sweeter than  I could have imagined.  This girl with a new perspective is removing the rubble of what kept her so strong and in the process has become more flexible.  The castle that was built to protect was really what was holding back more of  the joy, peace, and contentment that  was outside those gates . The fear of being a burden is gone, the dragon that stood watch over the castle ran off with it when vulnerability arrived.  Dragons can’t hang with tears it puts out their fire.  The moat that few dared to cross even after making past the dragon has been filled with  a gift soil  given by those who knew the princess inside better than she knew herself.   And the princess……well I am quite excited to see what life looks like  when the gift that had been  protected for so long is now free to roam the land.

Join here on Friday as I share another page I created using the Inner Child kit!

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