Behind the Art with Stacey

Think about your inner child.  What do you visualize?  For me, I see my parts.  A happy-go-lucky kid spinning around the yard, a fragile girl who feels afraid and an angry child.  I decided to scrap about each of these inner children while using the kit.  For one page, I focused on the angry child who can sometimes live within.

I used a picture of my shadow since there in no emotion attached.  It could represent any part of me.  I then used the stencil in the kit as is, placing it down as another piece of paper.  It was a last minute addition and brought the page to a new level.  I wanted this page to have the blacks and jagged edged patterns to symbolize my angry feelings.

I chose sayings that communicated my feelings.  I loved the black speech bubble and thought it was the perfect touch for my theme.  I put the truth circle in the middle because I am sharing a truth about a part of me.  

I layered the white grid paper to create a background to journal on.  I was honest and open.  I placed all the elements along the bottom in a random pattern.  I love the idea of running from the anger, yet placing the word "trying" in the middle of the golden frame.  Most importantly, I am trying.  

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