Behind the Art with Felecia

As I worked with the amazing Inner Child kit, I realized I probably owe my inner child an apology for shushing her all the time...

And I kind of wondered if I'm the only person who does that...It seems like the world is full of very serious people...so I can't believe I'm the only one who tells my inner child to sit down and be quiet.

I figured I owed her an apology.

I've got a bunch of old photos that my mom gave me some time ago...I recently discovered the stash and really wanted to use some of them...

My inner child looks just like that little pig-tailed blonde girl...and she is NOT allowed to stand on suitcases very often!

I am absolutely in love with the Authentique papers this month...the bright colors and graphic patterns just speak to my more playful side.

I really wanted to use them ALL together,,,annnnnnnnddddd....so I did! :-)

The pennant pieces are among the great cardstock die cuts...there are ton of great possibilities to use on your projects.

Several layouts are always framed on the wall of my office / studio...I think this one needs to be included in the frames so I don't forget to let my inner child have some time!

Peace, ya'll!

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