Behind the Art with Stacey

I am loving the kit this month, based on the theme of "inner child."  When I think about the inner child, I can't help but to think of my own kiddos.  They are children now...free, happy, full of wonder and curiosity.  I want them to hold onto those parts of themselves as they grow older.

I used this fun piece of paper because it is vibrant and bold.  Quite like I want my kids to be!

Gosh, I love this patchwork.  It reminds me of home and childhood.  I placed the picture in the center of what looked like rays.  I then layered some meaningful elements to fit my them.

I love how the hot air balloon and the Dr. Seuss saying go with the idea I am communicating.  I wrote to my kids about how I hope they hold onto their inner child and their desire to explore.  I chose the Play metal piece as a cute embellishment. 

I layered the alphabet to create the title of Be.  Last minute, I decided to add the blue stickers onto only the blue portions of the patchwork.  I put them down in all different directions so it gave it movement and told more of a story.   Much like this page. life should be playful.

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