Behind the Art: Guest Artist Stacey Hansen

Hi everyone,

Stacey Hansen here with you, again, sharing another page I created using the Inner Child kit.

Take a deep breath, Take Root, and Grow

I wanted to create a vertical line with numbers to represent growth like a vine.  The color of the paper reminds me of a watermelon which worked perfectly for this layout.

I have never planted a garden that was successful before.  I had started seedlings inside in March.  I had tended to them, watered them, I watched them grow, and they did indeed grow.  When it was time to move them outside for planting in the ground they needed to be hardened.  The needed small amounts of sun each day so they wouldn't just wither in the ground.  Even my tenderly timed hardening brought them all to a slow death.  One day frustrated I took a bunch of seeds and planted them in the ground.  I watered them and waited.  I didn't really expect they would grow and all of a sudden they did.  Day by day with childlike splendor I would rush out first thing in the morning to check on them.  These little seeds of hope have bloomed into fruit of promise.  Sometimes it takes child like actions of pouting, planting and watering to get the best things to grow.

Thank you so much for joining me here today!

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