Behind the Art with Melissa

My main, full-time job is a Pre-Kindergarten teacher. It's a challenging job but this has got to be my most favorite age. I love when my students discover and learn about new things. It has placed me in a situation where I am constantly thinking back to my glory days. Because of that, I am always remembering to pause and play. It's okay to have fun and be excited about the simplest of things. It's okay to love with all abandon and think that every single thing is the best invention ever.

I also love that I have an excuse to play and paint and be silly. What a fantastic release of energy for me! And for my kiddos!

I think, sometimes, us grown-ups think we have to always work, work, work. But, is that really satisfying? I've decided to work AND play. To discover new things and allow my inner-child to experience new things. It keeps life interesting!

Like the other day... I skipped instead of walked down the sidewalk. It was thrilling. You should try it too.

Grab yourself an Inner Child kit by clicking on the image to the right. Let your spirit run wild and free!

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