Behind the Art with Stacey

I opened the kit this month and instantly fell in love with the papers, embellishments and themes!  Pages came to me so quickly because there were motifs and things that inspired me.  The concept of the inner child holds so much potential.  I decided to start with a playful page about my inner child, which was recently let out full force.

I let go to boundaries and straight lines on this page.  I wanted it to be eclectic and full of movement.

I took this photo with my kiddos this summer and I love how happy and relaxed we all look.  It was taken on a day when we had an adventure.  We had laughed and enjoyed each other's company.  I went with the playful and colorful strips in all different lengths to ground the photo.  I purposefully picked the Scrabble letters to make my title. 

I layered some fun elements that fit my page like the number 3 and the hilarious together words.  I loved how the vibrant colors.

I wrote about how my adventures and time with my kids sans my husband has changed me.  It was so fun and it brought out my inner child.  The whole situation we were put in was a blessing in disguise!

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