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Hello and happy Tuesday!

When I first dug into the Inner Child kit, I knew I wanted to do some exploration of my faith. There is a verse that I've heard many times, over the years, and I thought it perfect for some things I'm going through right now.

The verse essentially says to have faith like a child. This spurs on some question for me:

What is the difference between a child-like faith and an adult faith?
Does this mean I have to become naive again?
So, does this make it wrong when I want to learn more and become more knowledgeable about my faith?

The answer, for me, was simple (and I think it was simple because I'm around children five days a week) - to have a child-like faith means that I am eager to learn, eager to love and be loved, and trust with all abandon.

The stencil in this kit was so perfect for what I wanted to exude. I love the female silhouete with all the script inside. I used a pen to trace it and, let me tell you, that took forEVER. There comes a point in creating when I just want to be done. But, it's those projects that take foreeeever that usually become a favorite.

Butterflies have got to be the most well-rounded images of symbolism, ever. For this page, I fussy cut out some of the butterflies from the Flutter collection papers to portray playfulness and wonder. 

After creating this, I have newfound appreciation for my inner child when it comes to my faith. Instead of squashing it... I definitely want to tap into that because, now I see why it's so important.

Thanks for swinging by today! Make sure you grab our INNER CHILD kit by clicking on the image to the right. It's such a fun theme to explore this month!

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