Behind the Art with Felecia

I am SO in love with this new Inner Child Kit from Inside Out.  Its absolutely in my sweet spot - both colors and theme....

My first project is a picture-less paper piecing project.

I tried very hard to find a photo of my grandparents farm - a place I spent many a summer day as a child. This is a place of very powerful and very happy memories of my childhood...and something my inner child clings to tightly.

There are lots of things I remember, but the most prominent memory is the red barn. Since I couldn't find a decent pic, I hand cut my own...

I used the  beautiful blue pen to loosely color some blue sky and built the barn on top in layers. In my mind the sky was always blue blue blue and the barn was always big. 

Sometimes its cathartic to hand cut and hand piece an image. There is not a straight line on this project...and I like it that way. I let my inner child have a little fun just cutting and pasting...seriously a very freeing process!

My inner child remembers the sweetness of summer. Now, I'm more of a spring / autumn girl these days, but I remember summer tasting and feeling so amazing.

When my imagination runs to that place, its larger than life and hits a note in my heart that can't be reached any other way...

Peace, ya'll!

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