Behind the Art with Jen

I don't know about you, but time seems to be flying by faster each year.  I think there's a conspiracy to speed things up... well, not really but I really wish I could slow it down a bit!  I feel like I'm only in my 20's still most days but I just turned 41 in August.  I have to say that I'm at my strongest, healthiest, and happiest I've been!  It's amazing that I'm in my 40's!  At least to me.
 This page was a celebration of my birthday.  It doesn't matter how old I will be, birthdays will always be special!  I am a kid at heart when it comes to celebrations!  I think you should have certain things for your birthday...  someone should recognize it's your birthday without being reminded, every birthday girl should get some cake or sweet treat, and it should be a day of the birthday girl doing whatever makes them feel relaxed and special!  One day out of the entire year should be dedicated to doing something nice for yourself!  It's nicer when someone else surprises you with greetings or cake but I hate waiting for surprises so I made sure to schedule some special treats that day.  I got my hair done and got a massage! 
 It's hard to be patient when you are kid and it really doesn't change much when you are an adult... except that you can go out and get your own cake and fun!  I wasn't disappointed when my husband and kids (and wonderful neighbors) got me cake!  I don't think a cake has ever tasted so good! 
 But more than the cake and gifts, a birthday is an end of a year in your life and a beginning of another year ahead.  I set new goals for myself and always reflect on my year.  This past year was one of change and good habits being set for the rest of my life.  I loved 40! 
 I know that being 41 will be just as fabulous if not even more!  I feel the winds of positive growth and change blowing!  I'm so excited to get started on new goals and new pathways to reach them!
What year made you feel the most optimistic or confident?  What determines a successful year of your life?

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