More Pages from our Guest Designer: Jana Maiwald-McCarthy

Hi everyone,

Normally our guest artist would have posts every Friday during the month but, mailing overseas can be a little tricky. Better late than never is my motto! So, without further ado, here are the last two gorgeous pages, with a little "Behind the Art" info, by our talented Guest Artist, Jana Maiwald-McCarthy.


From Jana: "On this layout you can see me at the end of 2006, after 18 months I found a new love! the beginning was not as easy as i thought! i was very suspicious... but we made it! We got married in December 2008 and "our" child was born in October 2009... this layout made me smile! I had fun creating it!

I love how Jana showcases how our dreams can end in a completely different way. Still beautiful but, not always taking the route we had envisioned. I love that she has found her happy and was able to celebrate that through her page.


From Jana:  This layout sums up my life together! I am a creative person from head to toe. I love to make art in every kind of mood. It helps me to get out of sad times and it makes me even happier in happy times! The stencil in this kit was perfect for a layout like this! No photo needed, right?!

Jana is living her creative dream! Are you? 

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