Behind the Art with Stacey

When thinking about my dreams and whether or not I am living them, I was really reflective.  I came from humble beginnings and had some struggles early in life.  When I think about dreams, I have to keep in mind where I came from.  It truly helps me to appreciate my current place in life.

I decided to scrap a page that had a bit of whimsy and included some of the clouds from the kit.

I used a selfie on this page.  I grounded the photo near the stars and added the hearts.  I like how it has a celebratory feel.  I also incorporated the LIVE today card, which I trimmed down to fit the space.  Don't be afraid to cut or alter an element.

I knew that page had whimsy so I went with it and added the birdie and starts.  I also liked the idea of Love the Journey.  It had some rocky paths, but it lead me where I am today.

Dreams come true because of how you handle struggles.  I am happy about where I ended up.  Best part is that life has so much more to offer.

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