Behind the Art with Jen

Hi Artsy friends!  I am back for another month of fun with this amazing kit!  Live Your Dream is perfect for me right now because every August I reflect on why I became a teacher and what I'm going to do this coming school year.  I plan, get excited again and reflect on the past year's lessons.  Being an art educator for elementary aged kids is the BEST job!  It can also be very exhausting, make me feel like I'm an extra (mostly because classroom teacher's don't get what I do), and also be a challenge with all the different grade level projects going on at the same time!   I love every minute...

 How lucky can I be?  I get to teach my favorite artists!  I'm a rock star in the halls and kids can't wait to come to my classroom for 40 minutes every week! I wish I had them longer! 
 Every new school year is a chance to re-evaluate my curriculum and add more excitement to my lessons or just clean up my presentations.  I keep a few of my favorites but add in new lessons each year for all grade levels.  I get just as excited about the 1st week of school as my students do!

 I loved this text paper but I thought the color was a bit busy for this page, so I toned parts down with some tinted Gesso from Faber-Castell Design Memory Craft.  I just added a bit of yellow in the Gesso puddle and spread it in the center and some areas.  Once dry, I scribbled circles with a PITT Artist Pen in Gold (from the kit) and a black one. 
The photo was from our end of the year, district wide art show.  I ran the photo booth and kids made masks to have their photos taken.  That show is a culmination of all of our hard work as art educators and the families love it!  They come with their children and revel in the creativity of the day!  It's amazing!

 Being an art educator AND an artist is a dream come true!  The possibilities and rewards are so great!  I am passionate about the arts and love teaching young artists to realize their potential and abilities.  Seeing them gain confidence each year is such an amazing result of all the hard work put into a year's worth of lessons!  What is your dream?  Are you living it?

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