Behind the Art with Felecia

I had mentioned in my post from July 23rd. that I was heading to California to do a reunion concert with some folks I sang with many moons ago...

How amazing and timely that we would get the amazing Live Your Dream kit for THIS month so I could document my amazing trip!

I had so many ideas for this kit...I was really bursting at the seams to do some layouts!

So in this one, I just really wanted to get the memory of doing one more show with these guys out on paper. This is something I have thought about often over the years. 

It was AMAZING fun to be with these guys and meet the families they have all grown over the years, to see the kids I've not seen since they were toddlers and to meet the new kids.

I love each and every one of them so much and it was an exciting and heart-filling trip. 

THIS was my dream once...to be a singer in a rock-n-roll band. It still feels very natural after all this time and once I got a few songs down the road, it didn't seem like any time had passed...

Well...except the high notes just aren't what they used to be. 

I really wanted to convey how amazing and fun the event was!  The colors from this kit are just out of this world and it was EXACTLY what I needed for these pics. There were a lot of pictures, but not enough to really do a double page layout any justice, so I printed them all in the three inch range and clustered them together for effect. 

The horizontal bands of color give focus and organization to the pictures and the journaling without diminishing the fun and exuberance. 

Not to mention the journal card sentiments and the stickers...oh! Just perfect! I cut the sentiment out of one and anchored my title with it. 

A friend told me when I was contemplating this reunion that sometimes you just can't go back. I think in many ways, he's right...but THIS was not so much a going back as a moving forward with new peace and love for the people I did this with once upon a time.

Sometimes Living a Dream means giving an old dream new life in a new form and with a new heart and new eyes.

Peace, ya'll!

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