The Story Behind the Art with Felecia

For my first project for the I AM Kit, felt a little bit...well..intimidated. The first thing I did was rifle through all the amazing supplies and sort of segregate them out into groups I thought might make good projects. 

I have to admit I was more than in love with the gold "beautiful" and the gold "I Am" stickers. 

But I thought, "NAH!!! I can't do a layout about how beautiful I am!" 

And then I thought...well...why not?!??!?!  

My inner dialog is a very special thing, my friends. I'm so glad I get to filter it just a bit. 

Suffice it to say, I had a bit of an argument with myself over WHY I couldn't do a project about being beautiful...

And THAT is where my journaling came from.

You know, I obviously have some things to work out in this area...but I really doubt I'm alone in this struggle.

And its really time that I personally address where my perceptions of beauty come from.  Not because I'm looking for any external affirmation, but just because I need to give myself a foundation of appreciation over my own inner and outer beauty, over what makes me "me" and over how little the magazines know about what MY life is like. 

I AM beautiful...

Peace, ya'll!

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