Behind the Art with Stacey

It is not too late to order an April kit and explore your soft and strong sides!  I thought a lot about these concepts and what they meant to my life.  My strong often impacts my soft, overshadowing it in a way. 

I don't let my emotions come through very often.  My passion for the things that matter and my will are sometimes a bit overwhelming to others. I can get overly focused, not to mention moody at times.  My soft is in there but just doesn't take center stage too often.

And then these two were born.  My soft has been inching its way out for a while now.  On top of that, I want them to know the best me.  So I let my soft out even more.  I want to be the reason someone smiles today.  I loved that thought so it became a major elements on my page.

I used the gold foil 3 because the kids and Steve are my reasons for trying to be the best me.  It is great to be strong, but I want a nice balance.  I repeated the theme of triangles all around the page to match the idea of three.

I was honest when I told the story.  I can take my mood out on others some times and it is not an attractive quality.  I sometimes felt stuck within my self, knowing I wanted to be softer.  Then I had a concrete reason. 

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