Behind the Art with Felecia

Hello, amazing artists!!! I'm here to share my first project from the Inside Out's Soft and Strong Kit

The juxtaposition of Soft and Strong brought all sorts of things to my mind...but first and foremost, I thought about my mouth. I thought about how my mouth can deliver kisses or yelling, how I can be gentle or harsh, how powerful my words can be in delivering kindness or hardness. 

I think I need constant reminding to speak softly.

Perhaps its a condition of living in this world today where softness isn't always considered a virtue for a woman.

Perhaps its the life I've lead, the protection I feel I need to provide myself.

Perhaps its fear...

But whatever the reason, I need to remember to begin with kind words and a soft voice, to be gentle and soft. 

The Guava Gelato from Faber Castell is such a gorgeous soft color...I wanted to mix up softness with straight lines and hard angles. 

So, I just freely colored my pattern on the white cardstock and then went over it with a wet brush. The Pebbles Living Petals paper is a great contrast Pebbles Lets Visit provide both a border and a layer under the photo.

And...of course...who could resist a bit of shine and glitz...the gold sequins are SO my favorite thing ever!!!  And to finish it off, the glitter letters from LAST month's kit...If you didn't get it, you really should!

I really love the one color, plus black and white, and some metallic as a scheme for this idea of speaking softly. It reminds me that no matter how hard things might be, I can still be strong enough to be gentle.

Peace, ya'll!

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