Behind the Art with Jen

Hi there art friends!  I'm going to share my final page this month!  I love my boys and this photo of them together as young brothers, is my favorite!  They are the best thing that has happened to me! 

 When I saw this word bubble that says "TWO is always better than ONE", I knew I wanted it to go with a photo of my two boys. I wasn't sure how I would use the tag but I knew it would be used for journaling.
 The kit had these numbers and plus sign in it.  I love how that works with this page!  I cut the triangles out from the patterned paper.
 The journaling on this page is about how the kids can make me feel soft (my love for them and their sweet hugs and kisses)  but also strong in how fiercely protective I am for them.  I have to be strong when it's hard to be a mom. Having two boys is a lot more challenging that when I had just one.  It's double the frustration and time.  BUT I would never trade it for anything!  They keep me on my toes and challenge me to be soft and strong at the same time.
 Who, in your life, makes you soft and strong? 

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