Behind the Art with Felecia

Hello there!

This is my FINAL project from the Soft and Strong Kit from Inside Out. 

I don't know if I can gush enough about how much I enjoyed the exploration of this kit!  Its been a great kit for thinking and digging and discerning and documenting. 

My final layout is about how I wonder sometimes if I'm strong enough to mommy two boys. 

My grandmother had five boys...I seriously don't know how she did it!  They lived on a farm, tho and back when kids could run around on a farm for days at a time and not find trouble, so perhaps she just locked them outside.

All I know is that momming boys is both amazing and challenging for this girl.

I'm no girly girl, per se. I mean, I like shoes and dresses and makeup alright, but I'm a pretty middle of the road girl. I'm not a fan of camping, but I'm not checking my lipstick every 10 minutes either. 

I AM a person who likes things neat and organized and put away...and calm. Calm is good.

So these two rambunctious, energetic, imaginative, smart, creative boys can make things very interesting. Keeping up is essential...and sometimes just a bit of a test. 

I used a little acrylic paint in a random swirly pattern as a background. Then I splattered on a little gold mist. The My Minds Eye papers are SO gorgeous...they are a bit glamorous and fancy. this is how I feel...maybe a bit to glamorous for this challenge!

Really enjoy the little bits and baubles in this beautiful kit...my favorite are the bubbles from Queen and Co. I literally used them all on my projects this month.

I wasn't entirely certain that the letters would be large enough to suit my taste...I like rather big titles on my projects. but these are just so gorgeous and they draw the eye RIGHT to the title with their gold finish. 

While working through the journaling on this, I came to the conclusion that I'm strong enough for my family...that I grow and learn and change to be able to handle things as they come. 

To think that I wanted girls!  I'm so glad I have my messy, lovely little guys to teach me how to get a little dirty and appreciate an occasional spider. Go me!

Peace, ya'll!

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