Behind the Art with Felecia

Happy Thursday, everyone! I'm super excited to share my second Soft and Strong project with you today. 

I've been obsessively watching the Dove Choose Beautiful commercial. I've been wondering which door I would really choose in the moment...Would I really choose "beautiful"? or would I choose "average"?

There is no doubt that I'm a woman who is curvy. I've never had the ballet dancer body - though I've certainly tried. 

Coming to grips with the body I have versus the body the magazines say I should have has been a journey to be sure.

Certainly, my body is "soft" aka not straight.

But my exploration about this soft body really revealed that at my core I'm strong...I'm strong physically, emotionally, mentally. I understand discipline, organization, fortitude, and honor.

I loved playing with layers for this project...layering rounded corners and scalloped edges and jewels. The design is an unfolding, like the journaling.  

The scalloped gold pieces are punched from the Pebbles kraft pockets. I didn't really want to hide my journaling, but I LOVE the glitter on those tags...so I cut the glittery part off, punched it with my scallop punch and made some little edges. 

I also made use of one of the journal cards by cutting the edges off to use a borders and cutting the "tag" shape out to use as a background for my title. 

One thing I love about the Pebbles paper is the intact, unadulterated edge they put on one side. I included it as an edge down the left side of the paper, rather than cutting it off to use elsewhere. The message on it is wonderful!

While it is certainly true that my body is more Leave It To Beaver than How I Met Your Mother, more traditional than modern, I am perfectly ok with that. I have grown to love how I'm made - inside and out. 

Peace, ya'll!

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