Behind the Art with Jen

Hi friends!  I am here to share another of my pages from the April Inside Out "Soft & Strong" kit. This was the first page I created with the kit.  I just knew what I wanted to say and the papers I wanted to dig into!  That paper with the text was just itching to be used!  It is hard to accept yourself rather than compare your faults with other's "perfection".  We all do it.  We all look at others and feel inadequate about something or another.  But the thing is... only you can change that. Being happy with yourself and not comparing yourself to others is hard.  It's a constant struggle but I think I'm in a place where I like who I am and don't have to look at younger women and feel bad that my body isn't as young and perky as theirs. I have had children, I have experiences that young women might not have. My body has been through so much.  I have achieved goals and worked hard for my confidence. 

The Crafter's Workshop mask was perfect to add some details that keep me creating "sketched" looking images.   I used a black pen and white pen to create a hand drawn look to the page.  It looks as if I just freely drew them but I love that I can use the mask as a starting point and make it my own!  I also circled some of the sequins to create a little more of the sketchy look.  
 I used a die cutter to create the title out of the pink cardstock.  Some cute banners also add to the embellishments and create a push-pull effect.
 Even though it's hard to not compare yourself, you are worth so much and have done so many amazing things!  Remind yourself that you are strong and an original!  Listing all of your accomplishments and creating goals for yourself help to center our thinking. 
 You are strong and beautiful!  Your softness is your own... mine is due to changes in my body and my love for my family.  I am happy with myself and keep pushing myself forward with goals and challenges.  What helps you to feel centered and bring you around to realizing what a unique person you are rather than wanting to be like everyone else?

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fairyrocks said...

You are a Maverick. It is always so difficult to scrapbook about one's self. Just lovely work. Keep smiling and creating