Behind the Art with Jen

Hi Friends!!  I have my first page of the Inside Out "Brave" kit to share! This page is all about being brave enough to do something that scares you!
 So many times, we avoid what is hard, what is scary and what is different.  It's easier to stay in our comfort zone.  No risk involved. No heartbreak, injury or rejection.  BUT if we live only in that comfortable zone, we don't grow and evolve.  We just stay stuck in one place.  Growth requires moving forward!
 It's hard to be brave.  It's really hard at times!  For so many years, I did the same weight loss roller coaster.  Down and then up and then down... it was always the same.  I never got to my goal and I felt bad mentally and physically.  I had to take the leap one day to try something I've always thought of as impossible for me!  Running... who knew that one person coming into a Weight Watcher meeting to talk about a 5K training program would click with me?  Who knew that I would have to courage to show up by myself and try this.  I didn't think I'd like it or even stick with it.
 Well, it's been almost a year and I've run 7 different 5k races!  I started small but I started and stuck with it!  I took a chance... all by myself!  It was not easy and there were a few days that I made excuses to not go but ultimately, it was a challenge and I did it!
 I actually enjoy running... okay, maybe not sprints or hills but i enjoy the peace and quiet, the alone time, the time to think about the day.
  I can't believe it's been a year. I wish I had started sooner.  I wish I'd had the courage and the confidence to believe that I COULD do it!  I always told myself that I couldn't run and that it wasn't for me, but I've changed.  I'm 40 now and that jump started my need to change and make a better me!
 I'm so proud that I stuck with this new path and that I had to guts to try something new and stick with it!  I'm coming up on my year "anniversary" of starting running  and I'm 40 lbs. lighter and have a whole new outlook on life!  I make exercise a priory and now I'm working on clean eating.  It's difficult but so worth it trying something new!  I've made a lot of new friends who feel this way throughout the process!

What have you wanted to try but haven't done yet because something is holding you back?  What have to done that required you to be brave?

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