Behind the Art with Felecia

This man is the love of my life...

Now, I'm not perfect - and neither is he...but somehow we manage this just fine - hence the somewhat messy grouping of bits and pieces.

We go around and around - sometimes he's the "strong" one and sometimes its me. I wanted to symbolize our journey around and around by drawing a crazy circle with the mist. 

As marriage journeys go, ours is filled with stars and sparkles...not quite what I ever expect, and yet, somehow just right...so I pulled the stars out of the bits and pieces and augmented them with some sequins. 

I suppose its somewhat odd to fill a page with pink and sequins and then feature a man...but this is the place he has in my heart. The place where the glimmer lies, the place where my stars lie, the place where my love is.

Peace, ya'll

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